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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bahnsen, Greg 1948-1995

Resources by Greg Bahnsen available at . (includes many free downloadable articles)

Greg Bahnsen videos at Google Videos
Books authored

See references at Christian Reconstructionism for links to free online versions of some of these (and related) books.

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith (ISBN 0-915815-28-1)
Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis (ISBN 0-87552-098-7)
Theonomy in Christian Ethics (ISBN 0-9678317-3-3)
By This Standard: The Authority Of God's Law Today (ISBN 0-930464-06-0; Available online for free.)
No Other Standard: Theonomy and Its Critics (ISBN 0-930464-56-7; Available online for free)
House Divided: The Breakup of Dispensational Theology with Kenneth Gentry. (ISBN 0-930464-27-3; Available online for free)
Homosexuality: A Biblical View (ISBN 0-8010-0744-5)
Five Views on Law and Gospel (Chapter contribution) (ISBN 0-310-21271-5)
Foundations of Christian Scholarship (2 Chapter Contributions) (ISBN 1-879998-25-4)
God and Politics: Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government (Chapter contribution) (ISBN 0-87552-448-6)
Theonomy: An Informed Response (2 Chapter contributions) (ISBN 0-930464-59-1)
Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism (ISBN 0-9678317-1-7)
Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended (Edited by Joel McDurmon.) (ISBN 0-915815-55-9)

Book about

The Standard Bearer: A Festschrift for Greg L. Bahnsen (ISBN 0-9678317-4-1)

Downloadable Books by Greg Bahnsen

By This Standard The Authority Of God's Law Today - Biblical Law - 1991
No Other Standard Theonomy and Its Critics - Law (Theology) - 1991
Bahnsen & Gentry
House Divided The Break-Up of Dispensational Theology - Dispensational Theology - 1989

Free Articles by Greg Bahnsen

Apologetic series in The Biblical Worldview
(Available in the book: Always Ready PA600.)





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