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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grant, George 1954-____


The King's Meadow Study Center
Parish Presbyterian Church
Franklin Classical School

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Author or Co-Author

The American Vision, 1984
Bringing in the Sheaves: Replacing Government Welfare with Biblical Charity, 1985, ’89, ’95
In the Shadow of Plenty: Biblical Principles for Welfare, 1986, ’98, 2009
The Dispossessed: Homelessness in America, 1986
To the Work: A Handbook for Church Diaconal Ministry, 1986
The Changing of the Guard: The Vital Role Christians Play in America’s Unfolding Cultural Drama, 1987, ’95
The Catechism of the New Age: A Response to Dungeons and Dragons, with Peter Leithart, 1987
Rebuilding the Walls: A Biblical Strategy for Restoring America's Greatness, with Peter Waldron, 1987
Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, 1988, ’93, ’98, 2000
Trial and Error: The American Civil Liberties Union and Its Impact on Your Family, 1989, ’93
The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, 1989
Third Time Around: The History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present, 1990, 2010
Clean Air: A Citizen's Handbook for Media Accountability, with Peter Leithart, 1990
In Defense of Greatness: How Biblical Character Shapes A Nation's Destiny, with Peter Leithart, 1990
The Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Fall of Communism in Our Time, with Peter Leithart, 1990
The Blood of the Moon: Understanding the Conflict between Islam and Western Civilization, 1991, 2001
The Quick and the Dead: RU-486 and the New Chemical Warfare Against Your Family, 1991
Homelessness In America: Its Causes and Its Cures, 1991
Unnatural Affections: The Impuritan Ethic of the Modern Church, with Mark Horne, 1991
The Last Crusader: The Untold Story of Christopher Columbus, 1992
Hillarious: The Wacky Wit, Wisdom, and Wonderment of Hillary Rodham-Clinton, 1992
Perot: The Populist Appeal of Strong-Man Politics, 1992
The 57% Solution: A Conservative Strategy for the Next Four Years, 1993
Where Do We Go From Here: An Agenda for Conservatives During Cultural Captivity, 1993
Legislating Immorality: The Homosexual Movement Comes Out of the Closet, with Mark Horne, 1993
The Family Under Siege: What the New Social Engineers Have in Mind for Your Children, 1994
The Micah Mandate: Balancing the Christian Life, 1995, ’99, 2010
Killer Angel: A Biography of Margaret Sanger, 1995, 2000, 2010
The Dittohead’s Little Instruction Book, 1996
You Might Be a Liberal If, 1996
Our Character, Our Future: Reclaiming America’s Moral Destiny, with Alan Keyes, 1996
Immaculate Deception: The Shifting Agenda of Planned Parenthood, 1996
Buchanan: Caught in the Crossfire, 1996
Moral Earthquakes, with O.S. Hawkins, 1996
Bless This Food, with Karen Grant and Julia Pitkin, 1996
The Patriot’s Handbook: A Citizenship Primer, 1996, 2001
Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt, 1996
Faithful Volunteers: The History of Religion in Tennessee, with Stephen Mansfield, 1997
Letters Home: Counsel from the Sages of the Past to their Loved Ones, with Karen Grant, 1997 Logomorphs: A Politically Incorrect Dictionary, 1997
The Reader’s Journal: The Stirling Bridge Classics Program, 1997
Best Friends: Lessons from Extraordinary Relationships through the Ages, with Karen Grant, 1998
Kids Who Kill: Confronting our Culture of Violence, with Gov. Mike Huckabee, 1998
Y2K: A Novel, with Michael Hyatt, 1998
Just Visiting: How Travel Has Enlightened Lives Throughout History, with Karen Grant, 1999
Lost Causes: The Romantic Attraction of Defeated Men and Movements, with Karen Grant, 1999
Shelf Life: How Books Have Changed the Destinies of Men and Nations, with Karen Grant, 1999
Going Somewhere: A Dan and Bea Adventure, 1999
Christmas Spirit: The Celebrations of the Season, with Gregory Wilbur, 1999
The Pocket Patriot: Citizenship Basics for the New Millennium, 2000
The Christian Almanac: Each Day in History, with Gregory Wilbur, 2000, ’02
Garden Graces: How the Tasks of Gardening Have Shaped Art, Music, and History, with Karen Grant, 2001
The Absolutes: The Indisputable Principles of Civilized Society, with James Robison, 2002
Center of the Storm: Practicing Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis, with Katherine Harris, 2002
An Emerging Nation: The American War of Independence, 2003
The Importance of the Electoral College, 2004
The Courage of Theodore Roosevelt, 2005
On the Road to Independence, with Gary DeMar, 2006
Cheerful Givers, 2008
The American Patriot's Handbook: The Writings, History, and Spirit of a Free Nation, 2009


Homosexuality, the Military, and the Future: The Moral and Strategic Crisis, editor, 1993
Gays in the Military: A Caveat Collection, editor, 1993
Hero Tales: How Common Lives Reveal the Uncommon Genius of America, editor, 2000
From Bannockburn to Flodden: Tales by Sir Walter Scott, editor, 2001
From Gileskirk to Greyfriars: Tales by Sir Walter Scott, editor, 2001
From Glencoe to Stirling Bridge: Tales by Sir Walter Scott, editor, 2001
From Montrose to Culloden: Tales by Sir Walter Scott, editor, 2001
Q and I: An Arthur Quiller-Couch Anthology, editor, 2003
Parish Life: A Thomas Chalmers Anthology, editor, 2003
Thomas Jefferson, by John Morse, editor, 2005
George Washington, by Henry Cabot Lodge, editor, 2005
The Expulsive Power of a New Affection: A Sermon by Thomas Chalmers, editor, 2007, 09
A Sabbath Psalter: Scripture Readings by Thomas Chalmers, editor, 2010


Bringing In The Sheaves Transforming Poverty Into Productivity - Poverty - 1985
Changing Of The Guard Biblical Principles for Political Action - Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #081987
Dispossessed Homelessness In America - Homelessness - 1986
Grand Illusions The Legacy of Planned Parenthood - Planned Parenthood1988
In The Shadow Of Plenty Biblical Principles of Welfare and Poverty - Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #041986
Killer Angel A Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger - Planned Parenthood, A Biography of Margaret Sanger - 1995
Third Time Around A History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present - Pro-Life Movement - 1991
Trial And Error The American Civil Liberties Union and Its Impact on Your Family - ACLU - 1989

Grant & Leithart

A Christian Response to Dungeons & Dragons The Catechism of the New Age - New Age - 1987

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