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Friday, September 30, 2016

The Infallibility of the Church - 1888
George Salmon 1819-1904

Lecture 1 - Introductory: The Controversy with Rome (page 1)
Lecture 2 - The Cardinal Importance of the Question of Infallibility (page 17)
Lecture 3 - The Argument in a Circle (page 46)
Lecture 4 - The Grammar of Assent (page 61)
Lecture 5 - Milner's Axioms, Part 1 (page 78)
Lecture 6 - Milner's Axioms, Part 2 (page 98)
Lecture 7 - The Church's Office of Teaching (page 108)
Lecture 8 - The Church's Sources of Proof (page 124)
Lecture 9 - The Rule of Faith (page 138)
Lecture 10 - Hermeneutical Tradition (page 152)
Lecture 11 - Does the Church of Rome Believe in Her Own Infallibility (page 169)
Lecture 12 - The Hesitations of the Infallible Guide (page 188)
Lecture 13 - Modern Revelations (page 201)
Lecture 14 - The Blunders of the Infallible Guide (page 226)
Lecture 15 - The Gallican Theory of Infallibility (page 257)
Lecture 16 - General Councils, Part 1 (page 274)
Lecture 17 - General Councils, Part 2 (page 296)
Lecture 18 - The Prerogatives of Peter (page 323)
Lecture 19 - Peter's Alleged Roman Episcopate (page 341)
Lecture 20 - The Infancy of Roman Supremacy (page 360)
Lecture 21 - The Progress of Roman Supremacy (page 389)
Lecture 22 - The Infallibility of the Pope (page 419)
Lecture 23 - The Pope's Temporal Power (page 438)
Appendix - Decrees of the Vatican Council (page 471)
Index (page 487)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Modern Claims to the Possession of the Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit, Stated and Examined; and Compared with the Most Remarkable Cases of a Similar Kind that have Occurred in the Christian church: With some General Observations on the Subject.
By William Goode (1801-1868)
Second Edition - 1834 - With Numerous Additions, and An appendix on the Heresy with Which the Claims are Connected.

The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice, or, A Defence of the Catholic Doctrine that Holy Scripture has been since the Times of the Apostles the Sole Divine Rule of Faith and Practice to the Church, against the Dangerous Errors of the Authors of the Tracts for the Times, and the Romanists, as, particularly, that the Rule of Faith is "Made Up of Scripture and Tradition Together;" &c. in which also the Doctrines of the Apostolical Succession, the Eucharistic Sacrifice, &c. are Fully Discussed. 

By William Goode (1801-1868),_William_(1801-1868)_(DNB00)
Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 22 - 1890 (page 120)

First Edition
Volume 1 - 1842 , Another
Volume 2 - 1842
Second Edition:
Volume 1 - 1853 , Another
Volume 2 - 1853 , Another
Volume 3 - 1853 , Another
A Disputation on Holy Scripture, Against the Papists, Especially Bellarmine and Stapleton - 1849 (The Parker Society Edition)
Originally published in 1588
By William Whitaker (1548-1595)

Preface by the Editor (page ix)
Epistle Dedicatory to Lord Burghley (page 3)
Preface to the Controversies (page 14)
Question the First of the First Controversy: Of the number of the Canonical Books of Scripture (page 25)
Question the Second: Of the Authentic Edition and Versions of the Scriptures (page 110)
Question the Third: Of the Authority of Scripture (page 275)
Question the Fourth: Of the Perspicuity of Scripture (page 359)
Question the Fifth: Of the Interpretation of Scripture (page 402)
Question the Sixth: Of the Perfection of Scripture, against Unwritten Traditions (page 496)
To the Reader (page 705)
Index (page 709)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Plea for Peace in the Presbyterian Family, on the Subject of Psalmody - 1852
By Rev. J. F. (John Finlay) M'Laren

Review (part 1) of M'Laren on Psalmody1st continuation2nd continuation3rd continuation
From "The Evangelical Repository, Vol. xii," - 1853
     Begins on pages 468-474
     Continued from page 474 on pages 506-513.
     Continued again from page 513 on pages 559-579.
     Continued again from page 579 on pages 633-641
Review (part 2) of M'Laren on Psalmody (Concluded from Vol. xii, page 641).
From "The Evangelical Repository, Vol. xiii," page 15 - 1854

The Book of Psalms the Book of Praise
From The Evangelical Repository, Volume 13, page 49-50 - 1854

Robert J. Dodds (d. 1870)
A minister of the gospel in the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

From The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter - March 1871

A Reply to Morton on Psalmody: To which is Added a Condensed Argument for the Exclusive Use of an Inspired Psalmody - 1851 - Robert J. Dodds
John Taylor Pressly (1795-1870)

The Presbyterian minister John T. Pressly was born in Abbeville, S.C., March 28, 1795. He studied under John Mitchell Mason at the Associate Reformed Theological Seminary in New York, N.Y. (now Union Theological Seminary). Pressly served as pastor to a Presbyterian Church in Abbeville before simultaneously obtaining a professorship at Western Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh, Pa.), and a pastorate at First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Allegheny City, Pa.) in what is now Pittsburgh in 1830. Pressly died August 13, 1870.

Second Edition - 1848
By John T. Pressly, D.D. (1795-1870)

Some works against Dr. Pressly's views on psalmody:

Defense of an Inquiry into the Propriety of Using an Evangelical Psalmody in the Worship of God: Against the Objections of Rev. John T. Pressly, D.D. - 1844 - Samuel Ralston, D.D. (1756-1851)
Review of Dr. Pressly on Psalmody, by the Rev. George Morton - 1850 - George Morton (1807-1893)

A Vindication of the "Letters on Psalmody," from the Strictures of John T. Pressley, D. D. - 1866 - William Annan (1805-1882)

Robert J. Dodds responded to George Morton in 1851:
A Reply to Morton on Psalmody: To Which is added a Condensed Argument for the Exclusive Use of an Inspired Psalmody - 1851 - Robert J. Dodds

Lectures on the Nature, Subjects, and Mode of Christian Baptism - 1841 - John T. Pressly (1798-1870)   Second Edition 1853
Judicial Decisions on the Identify and Property of the United Presbyterian Church of America, Containing the Arguments of Counsel, Together with the Decisions both in the Lower and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania and New York, on the Law of Church Property, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY REV. JOHN T. PRESSLY, D.D., OF ALLEGHANY CITY, PA. - 1862

Two Discourses: The One on Prayer, the Other on Singing of Psalms, from 1 Corinthians xiv. 15.
Second Edition - 1751
By John Gill, D.D. (1697-1771)

See page 33 of the discourse on the Singing of Psalms.

Thursday, September 22, 2016