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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gentry, Kenneth 1950-____

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The Christian Case Against Abortion (Footstool, 1982, 1986).
The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages (Baker, 1986, 1990).
The Charismatic Gift of Prophecy (Footstool, 1986, 1990; Wipf & Stock, 1999).
The Beast of Revelation (Institute for Christian Economics, 1989, 1994; American Vision, 2002). ISBN: 0-915815-41-9
Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation (I.C.E.: 1989; Christian Universities Press: 1997; American Vision: 1999).
House Divided: The Break-up of Dispensational Theology, with Greg L. Bahnsen (I.C.E., 1989; 1997).
The Greatness of the Great Commission: The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World (I.C.E., 1991, 1994). ISBN: 0-930464-48-6
He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology (I.C.E., 1992; 1997; ApologeticsMedia, 2009). ISBN: 097785167-2
Lord of the Saved: Getting to the Heart of the Lordship Debate (Presbyterian and Reformed, 1992). ISBN 0-87552-265-3
God’s Law in the Modern World: The Continuing Relevance of Old Testament Law (P&R, 1992; I.C.E., 1997). ISBN: 0-87552-296-3
The Great Tribulation: Past or Future? with Thomas D. Ice (Kregel, 1999). ISBN: 0-8254-2901-3
Perilous Times: A Study in Eschatological Evil (Covenant Media Foundation, 2000). ISBN: 0-9678317-0-9
God Gave Wine: What the Bible Says About Alcohol (Oak Leaf, 2001) [a reprint of the title on alcohol above]. ISBN: 0-9700326-6-8
Yea, Hath God Said? The Framework Hypothesis v. Six Day Creation with Michael R. Butler (Wipf & Stock, 2002). ISBN: 1-59244-016-9
Covenantal Theonomy: A Response to T. David Gordon and Klinean Covenantalism (Covenant Media Press, 2006). ISBN: 0-9678317-6-8
Nourishment from the Word: Select Studies in Reformed Doctrine (Nordskog, 2008). ISBN: 978-0-9796736-4-1
A Biblical Defense of Predestination (ApologeticsGroup Media, 2008). ISBN: 0-9778516-5-6
The Book of Revelation Made Easy: You Can Understand Bible Prophecy (American Vision, 2008). ISBN: 13:978-915815-91-3
Navigating the Book of Revelation: Special Studies on Important Issues (GoodBirth Ministries, 2009). ISBN 978-0-9843220-0-8
Postmillennialism Made Easy (ApologeticsGroup Media, 2009). ISBN: 978-0-9825890-1-4


"Private Charity Should Care for the Poor" in The Welfare State (David L. Bender, ed.) (Greenhaven Press, 1982).
"Civil Sanctions in the New Testament," "Church Sanctions in the Epistle to the Hebrews," and "Whose Victory in History?" in Gary North, ed., Theonomy: An Informed Response (I.C.E., 1991).
"The Preterist View" in Four Views on the Book of Revelation (ed. Marvin Pate) (Zondervan, 1998). ISBN: 0-310-21080-1
"The Postmillennial View" in Three Views of the Millennium and Beyond (ed., Darrell Bock) (Zondervan, 1999). ISBN: 0-310-20143-8
"Reformed Theology and Six Day Creationism" in P. Andrew Sandlin, ed., Creation According to the Scriptures: A Presuppositional Defense of Literal, Six Day Creation (Chalcedon, 2001). ISBN: 1-891375-12-1
"A Revelation of the Revelation" and "Theonomy and Confession" in Robert R. Booth, ed., The Standard Bearer: A Festschrift for Greg L. Bahnsen (Covenant Media Foundation, 2002).
"The Historical Problem with Hyper-Preterism" in Hyper-Preterism: A Reformed Critique, ed. Keith A. Mathison (P & R 2003). ISBN: 0-87552-552-0
"Agony, Irony and the Postmillennialist" and "Victory Belongs to the Lord" in Thine Is the Kingdom: A Summary of the Postmillennial Hope, ed. by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (Ross House, 2004). ISBN: 1-891375-22-9
"Pauline Communion v. Paedocommunion" in Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. and C. N. Willborn, eds., The Covenant: God’s Voluntary Condescension (Presbyterian Press, 2005). ISBN: 1-931639-06-X

Downloadable Books

Beast of Revelation Revelation - 1994
Before Jerusalem Fell Dating the Book of Revelation - Revelation - 1989
Greatness of the Great Commission The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World - Great Commission - 1993
He Shall Have Dominion A Postmillennial Eschatology - Eschatology - 1992
Bahnsen & Gentry
House Divided The Break-Up of Dispensational Theology - Dispensational Theology - 1989

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