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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Green, Ashbel 1762-1848

Ashbel Green, D.D. (July 6, 1762 – May 19, 1848) was an American Presbyterian minister and academic. He served as a sergeant of the New Jersey militia during the American Revolution, and went on to study with Dr. John Witherspoon and graduate valedictorian from Princeton University in 1783. Green later became the third Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives from 1792 to 1800, and the eighth President of Princeton University, from 1812 to 1822.

Biographical Sketch of Ashbel Green: Princeton University Digital Library Web Site

Biographical Sketch of Ashbel Green: Princeton University Web Site

The life of Ashbel Green, V. D. M. 1849 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848

The Theological and Literary Journal, Volume 1 (1850) edited by David Nevins Lord (page 521 for review of "The Life of Ashbel Green, V.D.M.")

History of the College of New Jersey, Volume 1 (1877) by John Maclean
History of the College of New Jersey, Volume 2 (1877) by John Maclean
(See index for references to Ashbel Green or do PDF search for Green)

History of Princeton and Its Institutions, Volume 1 (1879) by John Frelinghuysen Hageman (There are a number of references to Ashbel Green in this book.)
History of Princeton and Its Institutions, Volume 2 (1879) by John Frelinghuysen Hageman
see page 271 for President (of the College of New Jersey) Ashbel Green]

The Lives of Eminent Philadelphians, Now Deceased (1859) by Henry Simpson (page 451)

Ashbel Green Papers: Princeton University Library, Manuscripts Division

The Christian Advocate (Edited by Ashbel Green 1823-1834): Google Search Results
Report of the Presbyterian church case : the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at the suggestion of James Todd and others, vs. Ashbel Green and others - Miller, Samuel, 1816-1883
Special Collections copy is Samuel Miller's personal copy
The Spruce street lectures : delivered by several clergymen during the autumn and winter of 1831-32 : To which is added, A lecture on the importance of creeds and confessions 1833 - Miller, Samuel, 1769-1850
Introduction / Ashbel Green. --
Inability of sinners considered / Ezra Fisk. --
The fall of man and its effects / J. J. Janeway. --
The use of the means of grace / S. B. How. --
On church discipline / Alexander M'Farlane. --
On the nature of the atonement / Charles Hodge. --
On ecclesiastical polity / Samuel Miller. --
On regeneration / Samuel Martin. --
On justification / William Neill. --
On Christian missions / John Breckinridge. --
Lecture on creeds and confessions / Samuel Miller
Presbyterian missions 1893 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
Written at the request of the Board of foreign missions of the Presbyterian church

Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Eastburn, stated preacher in the Mariner's church, Philadelphia .. 1828 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
Second appendix (p. [183]-208): A faithful narrative of the many dangers and sufferings ... of Robert Eastburn, during his late captivity among the Indians ... By Robert Eastburn ... Philadelphia, Printed by W. Dunlap, 1758
Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Eastburn, stated preacher in the Mariner's Church, Philadelphia 1828 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
Practical sermons : extracted from the Christian Advocate, with the consent of the Author 1834 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
A New Year's Sermon: The Believer Waiting for His Change - Job 14:14, latter part (page 1)
A Sacramental Sermon: Christ the Believer's Peace - Ephesians 2:14, first part (page 9)
Sermon: The Soul Resting in God - Psalm 116:7 (page 17)
Sermon: The Character, Deception, Danger and Duty, of Those Who Have Heard, and Have Not Obeyed the Word of God - James 1:22-24 (page 24)
Sermon: The Incalculable Worth of the Soul - Matthew 16:20 (page 33)
Sermon: The Nature and Effects of Regeneration - 2 Corinthians 4:6 (page 41)
Sermon: The Sin and Danger of Boasting of To-Morrow - Proverbs 27:1 (page 49)
A Charity Sermon: In Benevolent Contributions We Serve God With His Own - 1 Chronicles 29:14 (page 56)
Sermon: Christ a Rock - 1 Corinthians 10:4 (page 62)
Sermon: The Nature, Employment, and Happiness of the Heavenly State - 2 Corinthians 5:1 (page 69)
Sermon: The Nature and Remedy of Sinful Shame - Psalm 119:6 (page 80)
A Christmas Sermon: Christ the Desire of all Nations - Haggai 2:7 (page 88)
Lectures on the shorter catechism of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America : addressed to youth 1829 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
Copies identical except for binding and trimming

Lectures on the Shorter catechism of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America : addressed to youth (Volume 1) 1841 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
"The lectures ... appeared originally in ...the 'Christian advocate'".--Advertisement
Lectures on the Shorter catechism of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America : addressed to youth (Volume 2) 1841 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
"The lectures ... appeared originally in ...the 'Christian advocate'".--Advertisement
A historical sketch or compendious view of domestic and foreign missions in the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America 1838 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848

Discourses delivered in the College of New Jersey : addressed chiefly to candidates for the first degree in the arts ; with notes and illustrations, including a historical sketch of the College, from its origin to the accession of President Witherspoon 1822 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
Special Collections copy 2 autographed by Charles Hodge, and presented to PTS by his son Archibald Alexander Hodge

Discourse 1: The Union of Piety and Science - Acts 7:22 connected with Acts 2:3 (page 1)
Discourse 2: God Acknowledged Directing the Path of Duty - Proverbs 3:6 (page 29)
Discourse 3: The Good Man's Protection and Support - 1 Peter 3:13-14 (page 57)
Discourses 4 and 5: The Word of God the Guide of Youth - Psalm 119:9 (page 85 and page 105)
Discourse 6: Christian Integrity Explained and Recommended - 2 Corinthians 1:12 (page 127)
Discourse 7: A Plea for Early Piety - Ecclesiastes 12:1 (page 161)
Discourse 8: The Man of False Honour - Mark 6:26 (page 193)
Discourse 9: The Devout Man - Acts 10:2 (page 225)
Notes and Illustrations:
Note A: Quotation from Longinus, relative to the Apostle Paul (page 255)
Note B: Notice of a publication of the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson, the first president of the college (page 255)
Note C: Sketch of the life and character of Governor Belcher, the founder of the college -- The addresses made to him by the board of trustees; their early transactions relative to the college; and their determination that the edifice should be called Nassau-hall. The patronage which the college has received, and its need of additional patronage. (page 262)
Note D: A historical sketch of the origin and design of the college; its system of education; a biographical notice of its first five presidents; and a short account of the institution under their several administrations; epitaphs, circular letters, present course of study, and amount of expense per annum, of a resident in college. (page 280)
Note E: Dr. Arbuthnot's epitaph on Francis chartres. (page 405)
Note F: Recommendation of Dr. Witherspoon's "address to the senior class, on the Lord's day preceding commencement." (page 406)
Note G: On the reading of the ancient classick writers, and the best method of preventing any ill effects which may be apprehended from a familiarity with them. (page 406)
Note G (duplicate): Extract from the American edition of Rees' Cyclopaedia; relative to the manner in which certain Socinian writers treat the Holy Scriptures, and the doctrines they contain. (page 410)
Note H: A memorial of the author's deceased Son. (page 416)
The Christian duty of Christian women : a discourse, delivered in the Church of Princeton, New Jersey, August 23, 1825, before the Princeton Female Society, for the support of a female school in India 1825 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
Christ crucified, the characteristick of Apostolick preaching : a sermon delivered in the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, at the opening of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, May 19, 1825 1825 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848

Literary diligence recommended : a baccalaureate discourse delivered to the candidates for degrees in the College of New Jersey, on the sabbath immediately preceding the annual commencement, in 1820 1832 - Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848
From the library of Samuel Miller

Lectures on Revivals of Religion by William Buell Sprague
Letter XVII: From the Reverend Ashbel Green, D.D. (page 336 through 354)
Preface by Ashbel Green
(entry on Ashbel Green begins on page 401 and runs through page 406)
Plan of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, located at Princeton, New Jersey. Adopted by the General Assembly of 1811, and Amended by Future Assemblies 1816 - Princeton Theological Seminary (a number of the reports are signed by Ashbel Green)
With this is bound: Sketch of the rise, progress and present state ... / Princeton Theological Seminary. 1817 --
Report of the Committee appointed to devise ways and means ... / Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. General Assembly. 1816 --
Historical sketch ... / Princeton Theological Seminary. 1816 --
Annual report of the Board of directors, 4th-14th / Princeton Theological Seminary. 1816-1826

Articles from "The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review" and "The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review":

Green, AshbelGreen, Ashbel

Portrait Collection (1833)
Green, Ashbel by Joseph Biays Ord
The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review (1831)
An Address to the Students of the Theological Seminary at Princeton by Ashbel Green

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