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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Duffield, George 1732-1790

DUFFIELD, George, clergyman, born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 7 October 1732; died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2 February 1790. About 1732 his father, George Duffield, emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania, where he bought extensive lands. The son was partly educated at Newark, Del., and subsequently entered Princeton, where he was graduated in 1752. He studied theology under Dr. Robert Smith, of Pequea, and, after officiating for two years as tutor in Princeton, was ordained in September 1761, and took charge of the united Presbyterian Churches in the frontier towns of Carlisle, Big Spring, and Monaghan, Pennsylvania In 1766 Mr. Duffield made a missionary tour through the valleys of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, the object of which was to administer the offices of religion to families scattered throughout that region, and to establish Churches. He warmly espoused the sentiments of the "New Lights" in opposition to the "Old Side" party, and encountered much opposition, which was continued after his removal in 1771 to the 3d Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and increased by the fact that he was a zealous Whig. On one occasion his Church was barred against him, and there was such a disturbance that a magistrate was called to read the riot act, but he was finally allowed to govern his charge unmolested.
During the Revolution he served as chaplain and fearlessly shared the dangers and privations to which the army was exposed, being so hated by the enemy that a reward was offered for his head. He was also associate chaplain with Bishop William White of the 1st Continental congress. He took an active part in the organization of the Presbyterian Church after the Revolution, and was chosen the first stated clerk of the general assembly, which place he held till his death. Yale conferred the degree of D.D. upon him in 1785. His only published works are "An Account of a Missionary Tour through Western Pennsylvania in 1766," by order of the synod, and a " Thanksgiving Sermon on Peace," delivered 11 December 1783.
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A Sermon Preached on a Day of Thanksgiving, December 11, 1783 at Pine Street (Third Presbyterian) Church, Philadelphia, in thanksgiving for the restoration of peace after the Revolution. (Read at Liberty Fund Web Site) or (Read at The Constitutional Sources Project Web Site)

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