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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Knox, Hugh c. 1733-1790 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

KNOX, Hugh, clergyman, born in Ireland about 1733; died in Santa Cruz, W. I., in October, 1790. He emigrated to this country in 1751, and found employment as assistant teacher under the Reverend John Rodgers at Middletown, Delaware He fell in with frivolous companions, and on one occasion entertained them with an imitation of Dr. Rodgers's preaching. Overcome with remorse for this act of irreverence, he went to Princeton and applied for admission to the college, with the intention of devoting himself to the Christian ministry. He was graduated in 1754, and, after studying theology a year longer, was ordained, and went to Saba in the West Indies as pastor of the Reformed Dutch church on that island. In 1772 he resigned his charge in order to become pastor of the Presbyterians who had settled on the Danish island of Santa Cruz. Alexander Hamilton was placed under Mr. Knox's instruction in boyhood, and remained his life-long friend. He received the degree of D. D. from Glasgow university, and published two volumes of sermons (Glasgow, 1772). (From Famous Americans Web Site)

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 (page 180)
Discourses on the Truth of Revealed Religion and Other Important Subjects , Volume 1 - 1768 - Hugh Knox
Sermon 1: Presumptive arguments for the truth of the Christian revelation - 1 Peter 3:15 (page 1)
Sermon 2: General Objections against a divine revelation stated and answered - 1 Peter 3:15 (page 50)
Sermon 3: Positive proofs of Christianity - 1 Peter 1:16 (page 84)
Sermon 4: The credibility and divine original of the old testament proved - John 5:39 (page 112)
Sermon 5: The excellency of the old testament scriptures, and their subservience to the Christian religion - John 5:39 (page 152)
Sermon 6: The excellency of the new testament scriptures, and our obligation to search them - John 5:39 (page 206)
Sermon 7: A practical application of the foregoing subject - 2 Peter 2:1-2 (page 280)

Select Sermons on Interesting Subjects, Volume 1 - Hugh Knox - 1776
Sermons 1 and 2: The reverence due to God's name, and the guilt of profaning it, from Deuteronomy 28:58 (pages 1 and 26)
Sermon 3: The destructive nature and tendency of sinful pleasures, from 1 Timothy 5:6 (page 51)
Sermons 4 and 5: The duty of obeying and submitting to the preceptive and providential will of God, from Psalm 46:10 (pages 88 and 107)
Sermons 6 and 7: The Christian Philosophy of the heart and of the tongue, from James 3:13-18 (pages 126 and 147)
Sermons 8 and 9: The divine duty of Psalmody stated and explained, from Psalm 47:7 (pages 168 and 197)
Sermons 10 and 11: The security, perpetuity and encreasing magnitude and glory of the Christian church, from Matthew 16:18 (pages 233 and 251)
Sermons 12 and 13: The free and astonishing love of God in the salvation of a lost world, thro' faith in Jesus Christ, as the condition on the part of sinful man, from John 3:16 (pages 271 and 296)
Select Sermons on Interesting Subjects, Volume 2 - Hugh Knox -1776
Sermon 14: The free and astonishing love of God, in the salvation of a lost world, thro' faith in Christ, as the condition on the part of sinful man, from John 3:16 (page 1)
Sermon 15: The goodness and pleasantness of Unity among Christian brethren, from Psalm 133:1, &c. (page 27)
Sermon 16 and 17: The God-like nature and divine reward of a merciful disposition, from Matthew 5:7 (pages 53 and 75)
Sermon 18: The divine designation and important duty of civil rulers, and the respect and obedience due them by their subjects, from 1 Peter 2:13, 14 (page 97)
Sermon 19: The Law of Christ waited for and received by the Isles of the sea, from Isaiah 42:4 (page 123)
Sermon 20: Creatures, broken cisterns: God alone, the fountain of living waters, from Jeremy 2:12, 13 (page 143)
Sermon 21: The deluding and infatuating self-blindness of sinners, contrasted with the omniscience of the heart-searching God, from Proverbs 21:2 (page 166)
Sermon 22: Christ, the bright and salutiferous Sun of righteousness to a benighted and perishing world, from Malachi 4:3 (page 186)
Sermon 23: The manifold ways in which the wisdom of God is continually at work to reclaim sinners, from Proverbs 1:20, 21 (page 209)
Sermon 24: The foundation of hell laid in wickedness; ---- or sinners self-prepared for destruction, from Romans 9:22 last clause (page 235)
Sermon 25: The providence of God, in the long delay of the punishment of sinners, vindicated, from 2 Peter 3:9 (page 255)
Sermon 26: The simplicity and folly of sinners, and God's earnest importunity in reclaiming them from Proverbs 1:22, 23 (page 281)
Sermon 27: The just doom, and awful destruction, of obstinate and impenitent sinners, from Proverbs 1:24-31 (page 303)

The transitory and evanescent nature of all sublunary things: Being the Substance of Two Discourses Delivered in the Presbyterian Church of St. Croix; On the sixth and thirteenth days of January 1782, from 1 Corinthians 7:31 Hugh Knox - 1782
The moral and religious miscellany: or, sixty-one aphoretical Essays, on some of the most important Christian Doctrine and Virtues, Volume 2 by Hugh Knox - 1808
Christian courage or fortitude, and its opposites.
The christian uses of the tongue.
Unchristian abuses of the tongue.
The best method of maintaining peace, love and unity among christian brethren.
The rule of judging our brethren; against rashness of censoriousness.
A peaceable disposition, and the opposite evils.
A merciful temper, and its opposites.
Of justice between man and man.
Of christian hope
Of the natures and person of christ.
Christ, our Prophet.
Christ, our Priest.
The kingly or regal office of Christ.
On the shortness and due improvement of time.
The consideration of eternity.
The duty of masters of families.
The best way of resisting temptations.
Of public spirit.
A proper temper and conduct towards enemies.
Temptations arising from company.
Temptations arising from solitude.
The use and abuse of christian liberty.
What diversions are lawful, and the way to regulate them.
The value and importance of a child.
The constraints of Christ's love: a sermon.
Christians, lights in the world: a sermon.
The aggravated guilt of murder: a sermon.

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