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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Renwick, James 1662-1688

James Renwick (15 February 1662–17 February 1688) was a Scottish minister, the last of the Covenanter martyrs.

The Life of Mr. James Renwick. taken from Biographia Scoticana by John Howie -- Read Online at the True Covenanter web site

Lives of the Scottish Covenanters: etc. - 1863 (see page 516) By John Howie, William M'Gavin, Clergyman of the Church of Scotland
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Life of the Rev. James Renwick: the last of the Scottish martyrs (1843) By Robert Simpson
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The Life and Death of that eminently Pious, Free and Faithful Minister and Martyr of Jesus Christ, Mr. James Renwick: with A Vindication of the Heads of his Dying Testimony, &c. - 1724
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