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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reyner, Edward 1600-1668

Edward Reyner (Rayner) (1600-1668) was an English nonconforming clergyman and ejected minister, known as a devotional writer.

Dictionary of National Biography - Read Online
Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 48 - 1896 (see page 38)

The nonconformist's memorial: being an account of the lives ..., Volume 2 (1802) By Edmund Calamy, Samuel Palmer (see page 421)


'Precepts for Christian Practice,' with a preface by Edmund Calamy, and a note by Dr. Thomas Manton, London, 8th edit. 1655; 11th edit. 1658; answered by Martin Mason in 'The Proud Pharisee reproved,' 1655.

'Rules for the Government of the Tongue: together with Directions in six Particular Cases,' London.

'Considerations concerning Marriage, with a Resolution of this Case of Conscience, whether a Man may lawfully marry his Wife's Sister,' London, 1657, reprinted with 'Precepts,' 11th edit. London, 1657: the original manuscript, sent to London to the author's friend, Simeon Ashe, was lost in May 1657; the work was rewritten a month or two later.

'A Treatise of the Necessity of Humane Learning for a Gospel-preacher, shewing . . . the benefit of learning in all ages,' London, 1663.

'The Being and Wellbeing of a Christian. In three Treatises: setting forth the Properties of the Righteous, the Excellency of Grace, the Nature and Sweetness of Fellowship with Christ,' London, 1669, published posthumously. The last two were edited with introduction by his son John.

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