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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dickson, David c.1583-1663

David Dickson or Dick (1583?-1663) was a Scottish theologian. He was an emminent preacher, educator, federal theologian, and defender of Presbyterian polity.

Select Biographies, Volume 2 (1845), William King Tweedie (1803-1868), editor, Wodrow Society, Edinburgh (see page 5 for short biography of David Dickson)
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David Dickson biographical sketch for "A Biographical Dictionary of eminent Scotsmen, Volume" - 1853 - by Thomas Thomson

See also the entry for David Dickson in "The Scots Worthies" by John Howie [(1870?)], page 288

David Dickson (1583-1662)
David Dickson was born about the year 1583. He was the only son of Mr John Dick or Dickson, merchant in Glasgow, whose father was an old feuar and possessor of some lands in the barony of Fintry, and parish of St Ninian’s, called the Kirk of the Muir. His parents were religious, of considerable substance, and were many years married before they had David, who was their only child. As he was a Samuel asked of the Lord, so he was early devoted to Him and the ministry. Yet afterwards the vow was forgot, till Providence, by a rod and sore sickness on their son, brought their sins to their remembrance, and then he was sent to assume his studies at the University of Glasgow. 
Soon after he had received the degree of Master of Arts, he was admitted professor of philosophy in that college, where he was very useful in training up the youth in solid learning; and, with the learned Principal Boyd of Trochrig, the worthy Mr Blair, and other pious members of that society, his labours were singularly blessed in reviving serious piety among the youth in that declining and corrupted time, a little after the imposition of Prelacy upon the Church. Here, by a recommendation of the General Assembly not long after our Reformation from Popery, the regents were only to continue eight years in their profession; after which, such as were found qualified were licensed, and, upon a call after trial, were admitted to the holy ministry: by which constitution, the Church came to be filled with ministers well-qualified in all the branches of useful learning. Accordingly, David Dickson was, in 1618, ordained minister to the town of Irvine, where he laboured for about twenty-three years.
That same year, the corrupt Assembly at Perth agreed to the five articles imposed upon the Church by King James IV and the prelates. David Dickson at first had no great scruple against Episcopacy, as he had not studied those questions much, till the articles were imposed by this Assembly. These he closely examined; the more he looked into them, the more aversion he found to them; and when some time after, by a sore sickness, he was brought within view of death and eternity, he gave open testimony of the sinfulness of them. read more.... 

Excerpt from Scotts Worthies by John Howie 
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See biographical sketch of David Dickson from "Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae" as given at The Reformation web site.

Short account of David Dickson's life from the 1764 edition of  "Truth's Victory Over Error".

David Dickson at
Truth's Victory Over Error
     Kindle Edition
Of God's Eternal Decrees
Effectual Calling
Therapeutica Sacra: Chapter 4
Behold, My Servant - Isaiah 52:13-15
Regeneration & the Regenerate Man
Commentary on Hebrews (PDF)
Warrants to Believe
The Sum of Saving Knowledge
     Kindle Edition
Therapeutica Sacra: Showing Briefly, The Method of Healing the Diseases of the Conscience, Concerning Regeneration - 1697
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A Brief Explication of the Psalms, Volume 1 - 1834
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Memorials of A Faithful Servant, William Innes, for fifty-four years porter in the employment of James Diskson & Co., Wholesale Stationers, Edinburg - 1876
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The Sum of Saving knowledge; or, A Brief Sum of Christian doctrine. Contained in The Holy Scriptures, and Holden Forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms; Together with the Practical Use Thereof - 1871
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A Brief Exposition of the Evangel of Jesus Christ According to Matthew - 1651
Available from (for example).
Therapeutica Sacra; Showing Briefly The Method of Healing the Diseases of the Conscience, Concerning Regeneration: Written First in Latin by David Dickson, Professor of Divinity in the College of Edinburgh, And Thereafter Translated by Him - 1664

A Brief Explication of the First Fifty Psalms - 1653

A Brief Explication of the Other Fifty Psalms, From Ps. 50 to Ps. 100 - 1653

A Brief Explication of the Last Fifty Psalms, From Ps. 100 to the End - 1654

An Exposition of All St. Paul's Epistles, With an Explanation of Those Other Epistles of the Apostles, St. James, Peter, John & Jude: Wherein the Sense of Every Chapter and Verse is Analytically Unfolded, and the Text Enlightened - 1659

A Short Explanation, Of the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews - 1635

A Short Explanation of The Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews - Reprinted from the Edition of 1649.

Select practical writings of David Dickson, vol. 1 (Volume v.1) - 1845 - Dickson, David, 1583?-1663

"Life of David Dickson" p. [v]-lii

The answeres of some brethren of the ministerie : to the replyes of the ministers and professours of divinitie in Aberdeene, concerning the late covenent 1638 - Henderson, Alexander, 1583?-1646

Text signed by Alexander Henderson and David Dickson

Therapeutica sacra : seu, De curandis casibus conscientiae circa regenerationem per foederum divinorum prudentem applicationem : libri tres 1656 - Dickson, David, 1583?-1663

Errata: p. [6] (1st grouping)

True Christian love : to be sung with any of the common tunes of the psalms - 1764 - Dickson, David, 1583?-1663

Expositio analytica omnium Apostolicarum Epistolarum, seu, Brevis introductio ad pleniores commentarios : in usum studiosorum theologiae - 1647 - Dickson, David, 1583?-1663
Second edition

Truth's victory over error, or, the true principles of the Christian religion, stated and vindicated against the following heresies, viz. Arians ... Vaninians, &c. The whole being a commentary on all the chapters of the Confession of Faith, by way of question and answer: in which, the saving truths of our holy religion are confirmed and established; and the dangerous errors and opinions of its adversaries detected and confuted. - 1764 - Dickson, David, 1583?-1663
'Truth's victory' is a translation by George Sinclair of Dickson's Latin lectures on the confession of faith, 'Praelectiones in confessionem fidei', which circulated in manuscript among his pupils; first published by the translator as his own work in 1684, it was not published under Dickson's name until 1726

The sum of saving knowledge (Volume 24) - 1886 - Dickson, David, 1583?-1663
This is Volume 24 from "Hand-Books for Bible Classes and Private Students"; with Introduction and Notes by Rev. John Macpherson. 
The psalms of David: in meter with the annotations of David Dickson - 1788 - Dickson, David

A Treatise on Promises - 1630 - Dickson, David

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