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Friday, September 11, 2009

Diodati, John 1576-1649

Giovanni Diodati or Deodati (June 6, 1576 - October 3, 1649), was the first to translate the Bible into Italian from Hebrew and Greek sources. He was an Italian Protestant theologian that was born at Geneva, of a noble family originally from Lucca, which had been expatriated on account of Giovanni's translations of the Bible.

The New Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, etc (Volume 3, 1909, page 435): DIODATI, GIOVANNI: Genevan Reformer; b. at Lucca June 6, 1576; d. at Geneva Oct. 3, 1649. His family was compelled by religious persecution to flee from Italy. He was a rigid Calvinist, and while still a young man was appointed to teach Hebrew in the Academy of Geneva (1597), and later became professor of dogmatics. As one of the Genevan deputies to the Synod of Dort in 1618, he took part in the compilation of the canons of that body. He translated the Bible into Italian (Geneva, 1607), his version meeting with a success comparable with that of Luther's German rendering. He also prepared a revision of the French translation which had been made by the pastors and professors of Geneva in 1588, enriching his work by valuable notes and elucidations (Eng. transl., Pious Annotations upon the Holy Bible, London, 1643). He translated into French Sarpi's Historia del concilio tredentino (1621) and Sir Edwin Sandys's Relation of the State of Religion (1626). Diodati was a remarkable preacher and one of the most distinguished defenders of the Reformed Church, while the ambition of his life was the conversion of his native land, and especially the republic of Venice, to his own creed. (EUGENE CHOISY.)

Life of John Diodati: Vie de Jean Diodati (1869) By Eugène Guillaume Théodore de Budé
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Pious Annotations Upon the Holy Bible Expounding the Difficult Places Thereof Learnedly & Plainly (Second Edition) - 1648
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