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Thursday, September 10, 2009


John Dick was a Covenanter who was martyred on March 5, 1684.

The following words were proclaimed from the scaffold prior to the death of John Dick who was arrested for treason by the Anglican Church. John Dick was a Covenanter and during the 1600's there was a struggle between the Anglican Church and the Covenanters. As a result of his arrest, he was sentenced to death on March 5, 1684. Here are John Dick's final words.
"I come here this day, and would not change my lot with the greatest in the world. I lay down my life willingly and cheerfully for Christ and His cause and I heartily forgive all mine enemies. I forgive all them who gave me my sentence, and them who were the chief cause of my taking; and I forgive him who is behind me [the executioner]. I advise you who are the Lord's people, to be sincere in the way of godliness, and you who know little or nothing of the power thereof, to come to Him and trust God, He will not disappoint you. I say trust in the Lord, and He will support or strengthen you in whatever trouble of affliction you may meet with. I remember, when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, Isaac said, "Here is the wood, and the fire, but where is the sacrifice?"
He looked up at the gallows, then out to the crowd, and continued, "Now blessed be the Lord, here is the sacrifice and free will offering. Adieu, farewell all friends."
Testimony to the doctrine, Worship, discipline, and government of the Church of Scotland, and the covenanted Work of Reformation as it was professed in the Three Kingdoms: Together with An accound of the Persecution of some of the most eminent in our days, for their adherence to the same. As it was left in Writing, by that truely pious and eminently faithful and now glorified martyr, Mr. John Dick. To which is added, His last speech and behavior onthe scaffold, on the fifth day of March, 1684. Which day he sealed this testimony, and left it to a particular friend, to communicate to the world after his death; which was never published till now, at the desire of some real and sincere lovers of the true Peace, and Welfare of the Church of Scotland.
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