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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Samuel Bolton 1606-1654

Samuel Bolton (1606 – 15 October 1654) was an English clergyman and scholar, a member of the Westminster Assembly and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge.

Biographical Information from and also here with portrait.

His books include:

A Tossed Ship making for a Safe Harbour; or a Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom (1644)

The True Bounds of Christian Freedom (1645)

A Vindication of the Rights of the Law and the Liberties of Grace (1646)

The Arraignment of Error (1646)

The Sinfulnesse of Sin (1646)

The Guard of the Tree of Life (1647)

The Wedding Garment

Posthumously, The Dead Saint speaking to Saints and Sinners, (with a portrait prefixed).

Dictionary of National Biography: Volume V - 1886

The Lives of the Puritans: Containing a Biographical Account of those Divines who Distinguished Themselves in the Cause of Religious Liberty, from the Reformation under Queen Elizabeth, to the Act of Uniformity, in 1662, Volume 3 - (Samuel Bolton, page 223) By Benjamin Brook - 1813

The trve bovnds of Christian freedome; or, A treatise wherein the rights of the law are vindicated, the liberties of grace maintained, and the severall late opinions against the law are examined and confuted (1656)

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