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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Edward Dafydd Morris 1825-1915

Edward D.(Dafydd) Morris (1825-1915) was a Presbyterian minister who enjoyed a long ministry at Lane Theological Seminary in Cincinnatti, Ohio, where he was Professor of Church History (1867-1874) and Professor of Systematic Theology (1874-1895).

Biographical Sketch of Edward Dafydd Morris: The Assembly herald: Volume 15 - Page 121
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. General Assembly - 1909

Theology of the Westminster Symbols : A Commentary Historical, Doctrinal, Pactical, on the Confession of Fith and Catechism and the Related Formularies of the Presbyterian Churches (1900)

Ecclesiology : A Treatise on the Church and Kingdom of God on Earth (1885)
Thirty years in Lane : and other Lane papers (1896)
Inaugural discourses, of Professors Morris and Nelson, delivered at Lane Theological Seminary, on the thirty-second anniversary, May 13-14, 1868. Together with a brief sketch of the institution, and the annual report of the treasure, F.V. Chamberlain (1868)
Is There Salvation After Death?: A Treatise on the Gospel in the Intermediate State  Edward Dafydd Morris - 1887 - 252 pages

A Book of Remembrance: The Presbyterian Church, New School, 1837-1869, An Historical Review Edward Dafydd Morris - 1905 - 211 pages

A Friendly Talk About Revision: Being a Discusssion of the Report Presented to the Last General Assembly Edward Dafydd Morris - 1891 - 79 pages

A Calm Review of the Inaugural Address of Prof Charles A. Briggs - 1891

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