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Monday, March 1, 2010

Alexander, Caleb 1755-1828

Caleb Alexander was a presbyterian minister and educator. He graduated from Yale in 1777 and took his second degree at Brown University in 1789. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1778, ordained pastor of the Church in New Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1781 and dismissed in 1782. In 1786 he was installed at Pastor of the Church in Mendon, Massachusetts. In 1801, he was appointed by the Massachusetts Missionary Society to visit the Churches and Indians in the Western part of New York. He was dismissed from his pastoral call at Mendon in 1802 and took up ministerial labors in New York among the three Churches of Salisbury, Norway, and Fairfield. He was the first Principal of the Academy founded at Fairfield. In 1807, he relinquished his charge of the Church in Norway, and subsequently his labors at Salisbury. In 1811, he resigned his charge at Fairfield also. In each case it appears there was an insufficiency of salary. For similar reasons he resigned as Principal of Fairfield Academy in 1812. He then successfully directed his efforts along with those of others to advance Hamilton Academy at Clinton to the dignity of a College. He declined the offer of President of the new institution in 1812. Rather he relocated and with others established an Academy at Onondaga Hollow, New York and served as Principal for its first four years after which he resigned and retired to a farm. However, in 1820 he was appointed to and successfully solicited donations for the endowment of Professorships at a newly founded Theological Seminary at Auburn. His activites for the remainder of his life included missionary work to the destitute churches with the bounds of the Onondaga Presbytery, writing for religious newspapers, various efforts to advance the cause of education and Christianity, and preaching as his services were called for. He died April 12, 1828.

A New and Complete System of Arithmetic: Intended for the Use of Schools and Academies (1813) - Caleb Alexander

He Kaine Diatheke = Novum Testamentum (1814) - Mill, John, 1645-1707
Greek text printed in double columns
Mill's translation edited by Caleb Alexander.

A grammatical institute of the Latin language : intended for the use of Latin schools, in the United States. [1794] - Alexander, Caleb, 1755-1828

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