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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dickinson, Jonathan 1688-1747

Jonathan Dickinson (1688–1747) was a Congregational, later Presbyterian, minister, a leader in the Great Awakening of the 1730s and 1740s, and a co-founder and first president of the College of New Jersey, which later became Princeton University.

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 (see page 14)

Jonathan Dickinson and the College of New Jersey, or, The rise of colleges in America : an historical discourse delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, Sunday, January 25th, 1880 1880 - Cameron, Henry Clay, 1827-1906

The true Scripture doctrine concerning some important points of Christian faith: particularly, eternal election, original sin, grace in conversion, justification by faith, and the saints' perseverance. [Represented and applied in five discourses] ([n.d.]) - Dickinson, Jonathan, 1688-1747
Discourses on
1. Election
2. Original Sin
3. Conversion
4. Justification by Faith
5. the Saints' Perseverance
Familiar Letters to a Gentleman: Upon a Variety of Seasonable and Important Subjects in Religion Jonathan Dickinson - 1784 - 390 pages
1. The Danger of Infidelity
2. The Evidences of Christianity
3. The History of our Saviour, collected from the Prophecies of the Old Testament
4. The Certainty of the Facts Reported in the Gospel
5. The Internal Evidences of Christianity
6. Objections Against the Internal Evidences answered
7. God's Sovereign Grace Vindicated Against Several Exceptions
8. A True and False Faith Distinguished
9. A Legal and an Evangelical Repentance distinguished
10. The Chracters in Romans 7 Distinctly Illustrated
11. Moravian and Antinomian Justification considered and Refuted
12. Imputed righteousness Explained and Vindicated
13. The New Law of Grace Examined and Disproved
14. First and Secondary Justification a Groundless Distinction
15. Justification by Works in James 2 Considered and Explained
16. Our Obligations to Good Works Distinctly Stated and Urged
17. The NAture and Necessity of our Union to Christ
18. Antinomian Pleas for Licentiousness Considered and Obviated
19. Directions for a Close and Comfortable Walk with God
Familiar letters to a gentleman, upon a variety of seasonable and important subjects in religion 1831 - Dickinson, Jonathan, 1688-1747
History of medicine in New Jersey: and of its medical men, from the ... Stephen Wickes, Jonathan Dickinson - 1879 - 449 pages (see entry for Rev. Jonathan Dickinson on page 234)
History of medicine in New Jersey and of its medical men, from the settlement of the province to A. D. 1800 - Wickes, Stephen, 1813-1889
"Observations on that terrible disease, vulgarly called the throat distemper ... by J. Dickinson. Boston, Kneeland and Green, 1740," p. [87]-99
A Vindication of gospel-truth, and refutation of some dangerous errors, in relation to that important question, whether there be promises of the bestowment of special grace, made in Scripture to the unregenerate, on condition of any endeavours, strivings, or doings of theirs whatsoever? 1747 - Mills, Jedidiah, 1697-1776
With Copy 1 are bound:
A sermon preached before the Synod of New-York, convened at Newark, New-Jersey, September 30, 1756 / Aaron Burr (New York : Printed by H. Gaine, 1756) --
The faithful minister : a funeral sermon, preached at Elizabeth-Town, October 9, 1747, occasioned by the death of the Reverend Mr. Jonathan Dickinson ... / John Pierson (New-York : Printed by James Parker, 1748) (pages 3 and 4 of the sermon are difficult to read due to a large stain -- they are transcribed for you on this Word Document)

Jonathan Dickinson's Published Works:

1. Remarks upon Mr. Gale's Reflections upon Mr. Wall's History of Infant Baptism, in a Letter to a friend, 1716.
2. A Sermon preached before the synod on 1 Timothy 3:17, 1722.
3. Defence of Presbyterian ordination in answer to a pamphlet entitled, "A modest proof of the order and government settled by Christ and his Apostles in the Church," 1724.
4. Reasonableness of Christianity: Four Sermons, 1732.
5. A Funeral Sermon on Mrs. Ruth Pierson, wife of the Rev. John Pierson, 1733.
6. Remarks upon a pamphlet entitled, "A Letter to a friend in the country, containing the substance of a Sermon preached at Philadelphia in the congregation of the Rev. Mr. Hemphill" -- (Defence of the commision of Synod by Mr. Dickinson), 1735.
7. The vanity of human institutions in the worship of God: A Sermon preached at Newark, 1736.
8. A Defence of the above Sermon, 1737.
9. The Reasonableness of non-conformity to the Church of England, in point of worship: A second Defence of the same Sermon, 1738.
10. The Witness of the Spirit: A Sermon preached at Newark, N. J., wherein is distinctly shown in what way and manner the Spirit Himself beareth witness to the adoption of the children of God, on occasion of a wonderful progress of converting grace in those parts, 1740.
11. The true Scripture Doctrine concerning some important points of Christian faith, particularly Eternal Election, Original Sin, Grace in Conversion, Justification by Faith, and the Saints' Perseverance. Represented and applied in five Discourses, 1741.
12. A Display of God's special grace, in a familiar Dialogue, 1742.
13. The Nature and Necessity of Regeneration considered ina Sermon from John 3:3, preached at Newark, N. J., at a meeting of the Presbytery there. To which is added some Remarks on a Discourse of Dr. Waterland's, entitled :Regeneration stated and explained, according to Scripture antiquity," 1743.
14. Familiar Letters to a gentleman upon a variety of seasonable and important subjects in religion, 1745.
15. Reflections upon Mr. Wesmore's Letter in Defence of Dr. Waterland's Discourse of Regeneration. With a Vindication of the received doctrine of Regeneration, and plain scriptural evidence that the notion of Baptismal Regeneration is of a dangerous and destructive tendency, 1745.
16. A Vindication of God's Sovereign free grace. In some remarks on Mr. J. Beach's Sermon, with some brief reflections upon H. Caner's Sermon, and on a pamphlet entitled a letter from Aristocles to Anthades, 1746.
17. A second Vindication of God's Sovereign free grace, &c., 1748.
18. An Account of the deliverance of Robert Barrow, &c., when shipwrecked among the cannibals of Florida.

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