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Friday, November 27, 2009

Walker, Samuel 1714-1761

Samuel Walker was a minister in the Church of England, sometimes curate of Truro, Cornwall. He interacted with John Wesley concerning Methodism.

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 59 - 1899 (see page 84)

Middleton's "Evangelical Biography, Volume 4" - 1816 (see page 350)

The Life and Ministry of the Rev. Samuel Walker, B.A., Formerly of Truro ... (1838) - Edwin Sidney

The Christian leaders of the last century ; or, England a hundred years ago (1869) by Ryle, J. C. (John Charles), 1816-1900 (see page 306 - Chapter 10. Walker of Truro and his Ministry)

Works (from Middleton's "Evangelical Biography")

1. A Sermon on 1 Samuel 20:3 at the funeral of a young man that was drowned as he was bathing on Sunday, June 3, 1753.
2. The Christian, a set of practical Sermons, 1755
3. A Sermon on Amos 4:12, preached at Truro, 1756.
4. A Letter from a Clergyman concerning the first question in the office for the ordaining of Deacons, 1758.
5. Regulations and Helps proposed for promoting religious conversation among Christians.
6. A Discourse on the Necessity of being acquainted with our fallen State.
7. A Familiar Catechism, 1759. (A small volume consisting of eleven Sermons, passed through a second and third edition in the years 1756 and 1759, with a recommendatory Preface written by the late Reverend Mr. Thomas Adam, rector of Wintringham in Lincolnshire.)
8. A Short Instruction and Examination for the Lord's Supper.
A short instruction and examination for the Lord's supper Samuel Walker - 1850
9. A Treatise on Conviction of Sin.
10. A Familiar Introduction the the knowledge of ourselves, 1761.

Several other small Tracts were published monthly by himself and other Ministers.
The Christian: a course of practical sermons Samuel Walker, Charles Simeon - 1825 - 262 pages
Fifty-two lectures on the church catechism; including the creed, the ten ... Samuel Walker, John Lawson - 1836 - 551 pages
The Christian: sermons Samuel Walker - 1879
The Christian, a course of sermonsSamuel Walker - 1759 - 120 pages
The Christian armour, 10 sermons, publ. by E. Sidney. re-publ. by T. Greene Samuel Walker - 1878
The Christian armour, 10 sermons, publ. by E. Sidney Samuel Walker - 1841
Christ the purifier, 10 discourses [ed. by A. Serle].Samuel Walker - 1794 - 120 pages

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