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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jones, Griffith 1684-1761 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Griffith Jones, (early 1684 – April 8, 1761), was a minister of the Church of England famous for his work in organising circulating schools in Wales. His name is usually associated with that of Llanddowror, Carmarthenshire.

Middleton's "Evangelical Biography, Volume 4" - 1816 (see page 333)

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 30 - 1892 (see page 103)

Life and Times of Griffith Jones, Sometime Rector of Llanddowror 1902 - David Jones, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain )

The history of the religious movement of the eighteenth century, called ...‎ - Page 118 Abel Stevens - 1858

Four biographical sketches: Bishop Ollivant, Bishop Thirlwall, Rev. Griffith ... John Morgan - 1892 - 206 pages (see page 113)

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Some of His Works Printed In English:

1. The Platform of Christianty; being an Explanation of the Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England
2. A Letter to a Clergyman, evincing the Necessity of teaching the Poor in Wales
3. The Christian Covenant, or the Baptismal Vow, as stated in our Church Catechism, scripturally explained by Question and Answer
NOTE: This is the first part of his intended Exposition of the Church Catechism, in English, The second Part, which goes to the End of the Creed, is included in "Welsh Piety."
4. Welsh Piety: Or, An Account of the Circulating Welsh Charity Schools in Wales.
These Tracts were published annually for four-and-twenty years successively, and collected into two handsome volumes in 8vo. They breathe a spirit of piety every way worthy of this Welsh Apostle, as he was sometimes styled. Some of those in the Welsh language may be rendered:
5. A Manual of Prayers for Morning and Evening, &c.
6. Free Advice
7. A Call to the Throne of Grace
8. A Guide to the Throne of Grace
9. A large Exposition of the Church-Catechism, with Scripture Proofs: being a compendious Body of Divinity
10. An Abridgement of this last, for the Use of his Welsh Schools
11. A Letter upon the subject of Catechizing the Ignorant
12. The duty of Praising God
13. An Extract of "Mr. Rees Richards' Welsh Poems."
By the kind assistance of many charitable persones, Mr. Jones was enabled to print very great numbers (sometimes twelve thousaned, at others eight thousand, &c. at an impression) of many of the above books whichewere distributed throughout all Wales.

Letters to Mrs.Bevan Griffith Jones - 1832 - 400 pages
Welch piety: or, a farther account of the circulating Welch charity schools ...Griffith Jones - 1760 - 70 pages
Welch piety: continued: or, a farther account of the circulating Welch ... Griffith Jones - 1742 - 23 pages
Welsh piety: or, the needful charity of promoting the salvation of the poor ... Griffith Jones - 1740 - 68 pages
Enwogion Sir Aberteifi: Traethawd buddugol yn Eisteddfod genedlaethol ... Griffith Jones - 1868 - 184 pages
Hyfforddïad i wybodaeth jachusol o egwyddorjon a dyledswyddau crefydd Griffith Jones - Catechisms - 1879

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