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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Symonds, Joseph (flourished 1630's-1640's)

Joseph Symonds was sometimes Minister at St. Martin's in Ironmonger Lane, London, and later pastor of the English church in Rotterdam.

Brook's "Lives of the Puritans, Volume 3" (see page 39)


Sight and Faith, or Meditations Upon 2 Corinthians 5:7

A "Sermon Lately Preached at Westminster, Before Sundry of the Honourable House of Commons [on 1 Chronicles 28:10] - 1641

The Case and Cure of a Deserted Soul, or, A Treatise Concerning the Nature, Kinds, Degrees, Symptomes, Causes, Cure of, and Mistakes About Spirituall Desertions

An Exposition on the Whole Book of Solomon's Song; Commonly Called the Canticles: Wherein the Test is Explained, and Usefull Observations Raised Thereupon

Three Treatises, Being the Substance of Sundry Discourses: viz. I. The Fixed Eye, or the Monful Heart, on Psalm 25:15 -- II. The Principle Interest, or The Propriety of the Saints in God, on Micah 7:7 -- III. God's Interest in Man Natural and Acquired, on Psalm 119:4.

Saints Like Christ: or, Somewhat of Truth Delivered to the Congregation at Headly in Hampshire

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