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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simson (Symson, Simsone), Archibald 1564?-1628

Archibald Simson was a Scottish divine and minister at Dalkeith in Midlothian. In the conflict between church and state Simson was found on the side of the theocratic presbyterians. He was among various ministers who were prosecuted before the high commission for refusing compliance with the Five Articles of Perth ([1] kneeling at the Lord's table; [2] the sacred observation of the festivals of Christ's birth, death, and ascension, and of the descent of the Holy Ghost; the private administration of [3] baptism and [4] the Lord's Supper in cases of sickness, together with [5] the confirmation of children, by laying on of the bishop's hands), or testified against the prevalent corruptions.
Concerning Simson's writings, Thomas M'Crie says, "The Hieroglyphica of Archibald Simson, which treat of the different brances of zoology referred to in Scripture, show the learning of the author; but his fancy led him, in this as well as in his other works, to expatiate in the field of allegory." (see page 389 of Works, Volume 2)

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Attributed Works

Ad Comitem Fermolodunensem Carmen (1610)

"Philomela Dalkeithiensis",a congratulatory poem in praise of James VI (1618)

A Commentary or Exposition upon the Divine Second Epistle Generall written by St. Peter, plainely and pithily handles (1632) [more generally attributed to Andrew Simson (1638-1712)]

"Christes Testament Unfolded; or Seauen Godlie and Learned Sermons on our Lords seauen last Words spoken on the Cross", Edinburgh, 1620, 8vo.

"Heptameron; the Seven Days: that is, Meditations and Prayers upon the Worke of the Lords Creation", St. Andrews, 1621, 8vo.

"Samsons seaven Lockes of Haire allegorically expounded", St. Andrews, 1621, 8vo.

"Hieroglyphica Animalium, Reptilium, Insectorum, &c. quae in Scripturis Sacris inveniuntur", 2 tom. Edinburgh, 1622-4, 4to.

"A Sacred Septenarie, or a Godly Exposition of the seven Psalmes of Repentance", London, 1623, 8vo.

"Life of Patrick Simson", printed in "Select Biographies, Volume 1", ed. W. K. Tweedie for the Wodrow Society, Edinburgh, 1845, 8vo. (see page 63)
John Welsh
Patrick Simsone
John Livingstone
Walter Pringle
John, Viscount Kenmure
Mrs. Janet Hamilton
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The Historie of the Chvrch: Since the dayes of ovr saviovr Iesvs Christ, untill this present age: divided into foure bookes ... : divided into 16 centuries ...

There are other works remaining in manuscript form.

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