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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seaman, Lazarus d. 1675

Lazarus Seaman (d. 1675), was an English clergyman, supporter in the Westminster Assembly of the Presbyterian party, intruded Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, and nonconformist minister.

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Besides sermons before parliament (1644-1647), before the Lord Mayor (1650), and a farewell sermon (in the London collection, 1663), Seaman published:

  • The Διατριβὴ proved to be Παραδιατριβή. A Vindication of . . . the Reformed Church . . . from Misrepresentations concerning the Ordination (1647), against Sidrach Simpson and Edmund Chillenden);
  • His Majesties Papers . . . with an Answer ... by ... Mr. Seaman (1648), reprinted as The Papers which passed between His Majesty . . , and Mr. Seaman . . . concerning Church-government (1649).

He prefixed an address to A Glance of Heaven (1638), by Richard Sibbes.

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