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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sclater, William 1575-1626

William Sclater (1575-1626) was an English clergyman and controversialist. He was rector of Pitminster.

Dictionary of National Biography: Read Online

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 17 - 1909 (see page 936)


Besides several volumes of sermons, Sclater was author of four exegetical and other works, which were published posthumously under the editorship of his son William:
  • A Key to the Key of Scripture: an Exposition, with Notes, upon the Epistle to the Romans (an enlargement of his previous discourses on Romans i-iii.), dedicated to Sir Henry Hawley, knt., and other Somerset gentlemen of puritan leanings, London, 1629.
  • The Question of Tythes revised; Arguments for the Moralitie of Tything enlarged and cleared; Objections more fully and distinctly answered; Mr. Selden's Historie viewed, London, 1623; an expansion of a previous essay, called 'The Minister's Portion' (Oxford, 1612); this was an attempt to refute John Selden's historical work on tithes. It was praised by Edward Kellett, who described the proofs as unanswerable by 'sacrilegious church-robbers.'
  • Utriusque Epistolae ad Corinthios Explicatio Analytica, Oxford, 1633.
  • Commentary, with Notes, on the whole of Malachi, London, 1650.

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