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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bowles, Oliver c.1574 - 1674?

Oliver Bowles was pastor of Sutton, in Bedfordshire, and a member of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster.

Assembly at Westminster, in the Seventeenth Century, Volume 1. (1811) By James Reid (see page 135 for entry on Oliver Bowles)
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The Lives of the Puritans: containing a biographical account of the those divines who distinguished themselves in the cause of Religious Liberty, from the Reformation under Queen Elizabeth, to the Act of Uniformity, in 1662, Volume 3 (1813) By Benjamin Brook (sse page 466 for the entry on Oliver Bowles)
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Memoirs of the Puritans: Oliver Bowles (see A Puritan's Mind web site).
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Oliver Bowles, English Puritan (c. 1574 - 1644?) was one of the oldest members of the Westminster Assembly. He is known for his sermon 'Zeal for the House of God Quickened; or, a Sermon, preached before the assembly of lords, commons, and divines, at their solemn Fast, July 7th, 1643' and for a treatise on the pastoral ministry, De Pastore Evangelico Tractatus. This treatise is being translated by Jonathan B. Rockey and Philip Graham Ryken (see the table of contents here and a summary of the work as well as a biographical sketch by Philip G. Ryken may be found in The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, Vol. 2). There is some uncertainty about the date of Bowles' death -- Benjamin Brook and Thomas Smith state that he died in 1674; but Ryken states that he died in 1644, and James Reid does not say.
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De pastore evangelico tractatus, in quo universum munus pastorale, tam quoad Pastoris Vocationem, & Praeparationem, quam ipsius muneris exercitium, accurate proponitur (1667) By Oliver Bowles

Oliver Bowles, A Treatise on the Evangelical Pastor, trans. by Jonathan B. Rockey and Philip Graham Ryken
From The Westminster Assembly Project web site

De Pastore Evangelico Tractatus – or, A Treatise on the Evangelical Pastor – deserves to be known as one of the best books ever written on pastoral ministry in the Puritan tradition. The 400-page treatise represents the life work of Oliver Bowles, the Cambridge tutor and local pastor who served the Westminster Assembly as its oldest member and delivered the first fast sermon before parliament during the Westminster Assembly. Bowles divided his book into three sections: one on the minister’s spiritual and intellectual preparation for the pastoral office; one on the public and private ministry of God’s Word; and one on the administration of the sacraments (including church discipline) and the conduct of pastoral prayer. De Pastore Evangelico Tractatus is distinguished by its careful attention to the theology of pastoral ministry, its reliance on Patristic and Catholic as well as Reformed source material, and its wealth of practical insights into the daily work of the pastor. Though rarely studied, it is perhaps the best resource for understanding the Westminster view of gospel ministry.

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Zeal for God's House Quickned: or, A Sermon Preached before the Assembly of Lords, Commons, and Divines, at their solemn Fast July 7, 1643. In the Abbey Church at westminster. Expressing The eminencie of Zeal requisite in church Reformers, John 2:17 - 1643
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