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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alleine, William 1614-1677

Alleine, William (1613/14–1677), clergyman and ejected minister. He was the saintly vicar of Blandford.

A younger brother of Richard he was born at Ditcheat in 1613/14 and his initial education was also undertaken by his father. He then went to Oxford entering New Inn Hall where he matriculated on 4 Nov 1631 at the age of 17. He was awarded his BA on 29 April 1634, and his MA on 19 Jan 1636/7.
On leaving University he became private chaplain in ‘a noble house’ (Lord Digby) in London. At the beginning of the great Civil War he is found residing at Ilchester, and ‘consulted by great officers’. For his letters to them he is proclaimed by the cavaliers to be a traitor in three market towns. He held them, in turn, for traitors against the kingdom. He was repeatedly plundered and maltreated. Hairbreadth escapes for his life were long remembered. Having removed to Bristol, he was there brutally ill used. In the ‘Commissions’ of 1650 and 1653 he is entered ‘ William Allen a learned orthodox, able divine, the present incumbent’. When the Act of Uniformity was passed he was vicar of Blandford but never hesitated. His parishioners held him in the utmost veneration,and he dearly loved them, but he freely quitted his living, and ministered to people in private. A few years after the ejection he took up his residence again in Bristol, where he carried on his ministry with ever increasing acceptance. From there he went to Yeovil where he died in October 1677 aged 63.
Dictionary of national biography, Volume 1 (1885) By Leslie Stephen, Sidney Lee (see page 301 for entry on William Alleine)
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