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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ainsworth, Henry 1571-1622

Henry Ainsworth was an English Nonconformist clergyman and scholar.
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Dictionary of national biography, Volume 1 (1835) By Leslie Stephen, Sidney Lee (see page 191 for entry on Henry Ainsworth)
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The lives of the Puritans: containing a biographical account of those divines who distinguished themselves in the cause of religious liberty, from the reformation under Queen Elizabeth, to the Act of uniformity in 1662, Volume 2 (1813) by Benjamin Brook (see page 299 for entry on Henry Ainsworth)Read Online PDF Download AUDIO: Audio of this Article
The music of the Pilgrims: a description of the Psalm-book brought to Plymouth in 1620 (1921) By Waldo Selden Pratt, Henry Ainsworth
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Annotations upon the Pentateuch, Or the Five Books of Moses; The Psalms of David; and the Song of Solomon, by H.A. (Henry Ainsworth), Volume 2 - (1843)
Numbers (Chapter 11) - Song of Songs (Chapter 8)
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Annotations upon the first book of Moses, called Genesis (1616)
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Annotations upon the second book of Moses, called Exodus (1617)
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Annotations upon the third book of Moses, called Leviticus (1618)
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Annotations upon the fourth book of Moses, called Numbers (1619)
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Annotations upon the book of Psalms (1617)
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A Seasonable Discourse, or a Censure upon a Dialogue of the Anabaptists, intitled, A Description of what God hath Predestinated concerning man; is tried and examined, wherein these seven points are handled & answered, viz., 1-Of Predestation, 2-Of Election, 3-Of Reprobation, 4-Of Falling Away, 5-Of Freewill, 6-Of Orignal Sin, 5-Of Baptizing Infants. (1644)
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An animadversion to Mr. Richard Clyftons advertisement: who under pretense of answering Chr. Lawnes book hath published an other mans private letter, with Mr. Francis Iohnsons answer therto : which letter is here justified, the answer therto refuted, and the true causes of the lamentable breach ... (1613)
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Works - from Wikipedia
In 1608 Ainsworth answered Richard Bernard's The Separatist Schisme, but his greatest minor work in this field was his reply to John Smyth (commonly called "the Se-Baptist"), entitled Defence of Holy Scripture, Worship and Ministry used in the Christian Churches separated from Antichrist, against the Challenges, Cavils and Contradictions of Mr Smyth (1609).[3]
His scholarly works include his Annotations—on Genesis (1616); Exodus (1617); Leviticus (1618); Numbers (1619); Deuteronomy (1619); Psalms (including a metrical version, 1612); and the Song of Solomon (1623). These were collected in folio in 1627. From the outset the Annotations took a commanding place, especially among continental scholars, establishing a scholarly tradition for English nonconformity.[3]
His publication of Psalms, The Book of Psalmes: Englished both in Prose and Metre with Annotations (Amsterdam, 1612), which includes thirty-nine separate monophonic psalm tunes, constituted the Ainsworth Psalter, the only book of music brought to New England in 1620 by the Pilgrim settlers. Although its content was later reworked into the Bay Psalm Book, it had an important influence on the early development of American psalmody.
Ainsworth died in 1622, or early in 1623, for in that year was published his Seasonable Discourse, or a Censure upon a Dialogue of the Anabaptists, in which the editor speaks of him as a departed worthy.[3]

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