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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gill, John 1697-1771

John Gill (November 23, 1697October 14, 1771) was an English Baptist, a biblical scholar, and a staunch Calvinist. He was born in Kettering, Northamptonshire. In his youth, he attended Kettering Grammar School, mastering the Latin classics and learning Greek by age eleven. The young scholar continued self-study in everything from logic to Hebrew. His love for Hebrew would follow Gill throughout his life.
A Brief Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Late Rev. John Gill, D.D. - 1838 - John Rippon 1751-1836

John Gill Collection of Writings
Extensive online collection of John Gill writings
John Gill Resources
John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible
John Gill's Archive
A Collection of Sermons and Tracts: in Two Volumes. Containing, Volume 1 (I. Annual Sermons., II. Occasional Sermons., III. Funeral Sermons.) Volume II (I. Ordination Sermons., II. Polemical Tracts., III. Dissertations.) Several of which were never before printed. By the late Reverend and Learned John Gill, D.D. to which are prefixed, Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Character of the author. - Volume 1 (1773)
A Collection of Sermons and Tracts: in Two Volumes. - Volume 2 (1773)
A Collection of Sermons and Tracts: Volume III, published at the request of the subscribers to the two former volumes - (1778)
An exposition of the book of Solomon's song, commonly called Canticles ... (1854)
The Cause of God and Truth: Being an Examination of the Principal Passages of Scripture Made Use of by the Arminians, in Favor of their Scheme, etc.; Part 1 (1735)
The Cause of God and Truth: Part 2 (1736)
The Cause of God and Truth: Being a Confutation of the Arguments from Reason, used by the Arminians; etc. : Part 3 (1737)
The Cause of God and Truth: Being the Judgment of the Ancient Christian Church, or the Sense of the christian writers of the first Four Centuries after Christ and before Austin, concerning Predestination, Redemption, Original Sin, Free-Will, Efficacious Grace, the Perseverence of the Saints, and, The case of the Heathens. Wherein also are considered the Testimonies in favor of the Universal scheme, produced by Gerardus Vossius, Monsieur Daille, and Dr. Whitby.: Part 4 (1738)
The cause of God and truth : in four parts : with a vindication of part IV from the cavils, calumnies, and defamations of Mr. Henry Heywood (1838)
Complete body of doctrinal and practical divinity : being a system of evangelical truths, deduced from the Sacred Scriptures (1810)
Infant Baptism a Part and Pillar of Popery: revised and edited by George B. Ide (1851)
Paedo-baptism : or, A defence of infant-baptism, in point of antiquity against the exceptions of Dr. John Gill, and others (1753) by John Brekell (1697-1669)
Being a Vindication of the Principal Passages of Scripture, and the Argument founded upon them, in Favor of the Doctrines of Eternal Election, etc., Part 2 - (1736)
1. On Prayer (page 3)
2. On Singing of Psalms (page 33)
Faith in God and His Word, the Establishment and Prosperity of His People. A Sermon Preached to the Society, Which Support the Wednesday's Evening Lecture in Great East-Cheap, December 27, 1753 - 1754 - John Gill 1697-1771

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