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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boettner, Loraine 1901-1990
Loraine Boettner (March 7, 1901 to January 3, 1990) was an American theologian and author.
Boettner was born in Linden, Missouri. He received a Th.B. (1928) and Th.M. (1929) from Princeton Theological Seminary, and he received the honorary degrees of Doctor of Divinity (1933) and Doctor of Letters (1957). He was a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. For eight years he taught Bible at Pikeville College in Kentucky, and in 1937 he began working at the Library of Congress and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
While his daily vocation was not theology or Biblical studies, he continued to write and publish books until near his death, the most successful of which were The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination and Roman Catholicism. In this latter work, he took a critical view of Church history and on the institution's public influence in American politics.
The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (1932)
Harmony of the Gospels (1933) (1976)
A Summary of the Gospels (1934)
The Inspiration of the Scriptures (1940)
The Person of Christ (1943)
Studies in Theology (1947)
Immortality (1956)
The Millennium (1957) revised ed. (1984)
Roman Catholicism (1962) revised ed. (1966)
The Mass (1966)
Divorce (1972)
The Reformed Faith (1983)
The Atonement
The Christian Attitude Towards War (1985)
Loraine Boettner Biographical Information
The Reformed Theologian, Loraine Boettner by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon
Writings of Loraine Boettner
The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination
Roman Catholicism
Studies in Theology
Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

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