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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

James Wilkinson Dale 1812-1881

James Wilkinson Dale was born October 16, 1812, at Cantwell’s Bridge (now Odessa) Delaware. He was the third son and the fourth child of Richard Colgate Dale, M.D. and Margaret (Fitzgerald) Dale. Following a term studying law, he turned to prepare for the ministry, initially at the Andover Theological Seminary. From his second year on, he continued his studies at Princeton, graduating there in 1835. He was appointed by the American Board to serve as a missionary in India, but could not gather the requisite financial support and had to withdraw. Undeterred, he next entered upon medical studies to further prepare for missions work, but upon graduation in 1838, entered into a term of service as an agent for the American Bible Society, 1838-1845. He later served as pastor of several churches near Philadelphia. It was during the time of these several pastorates that he wrote his famous works on the subject of baptism.

DALE, James Wilkinson, author, born in Cant-well's Bridge (now Odessa), Del., 16 October 1812; died in Media, Pennsylvania, 19 April 1881. He was graduated at the University of Pennsylvania, in 1831, at the head of his class, and began the study of law, but abandoned it for that of theology, which he pursued at Andover and Princeton. He wished to become a missionary, and was appointed by the American board to a station in India; but financial embarrassment prevented his departure, and to fit himself more thoroughly for mission work he entered the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his degree in 1838. He had been ordained at Andover in 1837, and, after supplying pulpits in Philadelphia, was agent of the American Bible society in 1838-'45. He then held pastorates at Ridley, Middletown, Media, and Wayne, Pennsylvania, till 1876, when he retired and devoted himself to literature. Dr. Dale was at one time a leader in the temperance movement in Media. The University of Pennsylvania gave him the degree of D.D. in 1868. His principal work is an exhaustive "Inquiry into the Meaning of Baptizo as determined by Usage," including "Classic Baptism " (Philadelphia, 1867): "Judaic Baptism" (1869); "Johannie Baptism" (1871); and "Christie and Patristic Baptism" (1874). Dr. Dale's conclusions are adverse to the views of the Baptists on the subject; but the work is considered an authority by scholars of all other denominations, and has received from them the highest praise. A memorial of Dr. Dale was written by the Rev. James Roberts, D. D. (Philadelphia, printed privately, 1886).

A Memorial of Rev. James W. Dale - 1886 - Roberts, James

Classic Baptism was published in 1867;
Judaic Baptism in 1869;
Johannic Baptism in 1871;
Christic and Patristic Baptism, a volume approximately twice the length of the former works, was then published in 1874.

James W. Dale works at Penn State Online Books Page

Classic Baptism. An Inquiry into the Meaning of the Word "baptize", as Determined by the Usage of Classical Greek Writers - 1867 - Dale, James Wilkinson 1812-1881

An Inquiry into the Usage of Baptizo and the Nature of Judaic Baptism as shown by Jewish and Patristic Writings - 1870 - Dale, James Wilkinson 1812-1881

An Inquiry into the Usage of Baptizo, and the Nature of Johannic Baptism, as Exhibited in the Holy Scriptures - 1871 - Dale, James Wilkinson 1812-1881

An Inquiry into the Usage of Baptizo, and the Nature of Christic and Patristic Baptism, as Exhibited in the Holy Scriptures and Patristic Writings - 1874 - Dale, James Wilkinson 1812-1881

The Cup and the Cross: Or, The Baptism of Calvary, "One Baptism", the Ground and the Key to All Other Bible Baptisms: Exposition of Mark 10:38, 39, Before the Synod of Philadelphia. - 1872 - Dale, James Wilkinson 1812-1881

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