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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Johann Heinrich Heidegger 1633-1698

Johann Heinrich Heidegger (July 1, 1633 – July 18, 1698), Swiss theologian, was born at Bäretswil, in the Canton of Zürich.
HEIDEGGER, (John Henry,) a Swiss Protestant divine, born at Ursevellon, near Zurich, in 1633.  He was first a teacher of Hebrew and philosophy at Heidelberg, then of divinity and ecclesiastical history at Steinfurt, and last of morality and divinity at Zurich, where he died in 1698.
A New General Biographical Dictionary, Volume 8 - 1814 - page 249
Encyclopedia Britannica, Volumes 13-14 - 1911 - page 209
Major works:
De historia sacra patriarcharum exercitationes selectae (1667–1671)  Volume 1 Volume 2
Dissertatio de Peregrinationibus religiosis (1670)
De ratione studiorum, opuscula aurea, &c. (1670)

Historia papatus (1684; under the name Nicander von Hohenegg)
Manuductio in viam concordiae Protestantium ecclesiasticae (1686)
Tumulus concilii Tridentini (1690)
Exercitationes biblicae (1700), with a life of the author prefixed
Corpus theologiae Christianae (1700, edited by J. H. Schweizer)
Ethicae Christianae elementa (1711)
Life of J. H. Hottinger (1667)
Life of J. L. Fabricius (1698)
His autobiography appeared in 1698, under the title Historia vitae J. H. Heideggeri.
Free public domain works of Johann Heinrich Heidegger via Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL)
The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, Volume 6 (edited by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield) - page 600 (The Period of the Rise of Scholastic Calvinism, mentions Hottinger and Heidegger)
History of the Swiss Reformed Church since the Reformation - 1913 - James Isaac Good - page 144 (See entry on Professor John Henry Heidegger; The Period of Scholastic Calvinism begins on page 131)

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