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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Andrew Gray 1805-1861
Andrew Gray was a Scottish Presbyterian divine, late minister of the West Church of Perth. Gray was a very energetic leader in the controversies which resulted in the disruption of 1843 and the foundation of the Free Church.  He seceded from the Church of Scotland in the disruption of 1843.,_Andrew_(1805-1861)_(DNB00)

Memoir at Macphail's Edinburgh Ecclesiastial Journal, No. CXCIII, February 1862 - page 244 ff.

The Revolution Settlement, Considered in Reference to the Independence and Present Position of the Church of Scotland - 1841

Substance of a Speech of the Rev. Mr. Gray at the Close of the Debate Upon Patronage, in the Presbytery of Perth, on Wednesday the 24th February 1841 - 1841

A Letter to the Inhabitants of Aberdeenshire, and the Neighbouring counties, in answer to the address of the Rev. A. James Paull and the Rev. W. R. Pirie, to the People of Scotland, on the subject of The Intrusion of Ministers, and the Present Position of the church of Scotland. - 1840

The Present Conflict between the Civil and Ecclesiastical Courts Examined, with Historical and Statutory Evidence for the Jurisdiction of the Church of Scotland - 1839

A Catechism of the Principles of the Free Church (1845 and 1848)
Catechism on the Principles and Constitution of the Free Church of Scotland - 1853
A New Edition, Much Enlarged

Gospel Contrasts and Parallels - Edinburgh - 1862 by Robert Smith Candlish.
A collection on nineteen of Gray's sermons with memoir and portrait.
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