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Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Plea for Peace in the Presbyterian Family, on the Subject of Psalmody - 1852
By Rev. J. F. (John Finlay) M'Laren

Review (part 1) of M'Laren on Psalmody1st continuation2nd continuation3rd continuation
From "The Evangelical Repository, Vol. xii," - 1853
     Begins on pages 468-474
     Continued from page 474 on pages 506-513.
     Continued again from page 513 on pages 559-579.
     Continued again from page 579 on pages 633-641
Review (part 2) of M'Laren on Psalmody (Concluded from Vol. xii, page 641).
From "The Evangelical Repository, Vol. xiii," page 15 - 1854

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