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Sunday, July 31, 2016

John McNaugher 1857-1947

John McNaugher, American Presbyterian (December 30, 1857 -- December 11, 1947) was President of Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary and a minister in the United Presbyterian Church. He is known particularly as the editor of The Psalms in Worship: A Series of Convention Papers Bearing Upon the Place of the Psalms in the Worship of the Church, which was published in 1907.

Pittsburg News Gazette article, "Dr. John McNaugher, Noted Church Leader, Dies at 89".

The Psalms in Worship: A Series of Convention Papers Bearing Upon the Place of the Psalms in the Worship of the Church - Editor: John McNaugher - 1907
The Idea of Worship
     The Rev. W. H. McMillan  (page 11)
     The Rev. John M. Ross (page 16)
The Scriptural Law of Worship
     The Rev. William H. Vincent (page 22)
     The Rev. William S. McClure (page 32)
The Singing of Praise a Duty
     President F. M. Spencer (page 39)
     The Rev. William B. Smiley (page 44)
The Psalms the Divinely Authorized and Exclusive Manual of Praise
     The Rev. W. I. Wishart (page 49)
     The Rev. James a. Kennedy (page 59)
The Psalms in the Old Testament Church
     Professor D. A McClenahan (page 72)
     The Rev. J. D. Irons (page 91)
The Psalms in the New Testament Church
     Professor W. G. Moorehead (page 104)
     The Rev. James Parker (page 119)
A Special Exegesis of Col. iii. 16 and Eph. v. 19
     Professor John McNaugher (page 128)
     Professor J. B. Work (page 152)
The Psalms in the Post-Apostolic Church
     Professor John A. Wilson (page 159)
     The Rev. James Harper (page 169)
The Suitableness and Sufficiency of the Psalter for Christian Worship
     President J. A. Thompson (page 178)
     The Rev. John A. Henderson (page 188)
The Theism of the Psalter
     The Rev. J. K. McClurkin (page 200)
     The Rev. A. M. Campbell (page 208)
Christ in the Psalms
     President Robert McWatty Russell (page 216)
     The Rev. E. S. McKitrick (page 228)
The Devotional Value of the Psalter
     Professor Joseph Kyle (page 240)
     The Rev. W. C. Williamson (page 253)
The Doctrinal Completeness of the Psalter
     The Rev. E. B. Stewart (page 264)
     The Rev. Harry H. Crawford (page 272)
The Ethics of the Psalms
     The Rev. A. C. Douglass (page 278)
     The Rev. William J. Martin (page 286)
The Imprecatory Psalms
     The Rev. J. H. Webster (page 297)
     The Rev. James A. Reed (page 310)
The Psalms and Evangelistic Work
     The Rev. William J. Reid (page 321)
     The Rev. willard H. Patterson (page 330)
The Psalms and Missions
     The Rev. Alexander Gilchrist (page 340)
     The Rev. Charles R. Watson (page 347)
The Psalms and the Young
     The Rev. A. R. Paul (page 355)
     The Rev. W. W. Lawrence (page 362)
The Literary Excellence of the Psalms
     The Rev. David Reed Miller (page 369)
     The Rev. J. D. Barr (page 384)
The Catholicity of the Psalter
     The Rev. Charles H. Robinson (page 392)
     The Rev. S. R. Lyons (page 399)
The Importance of an Exclusive use of the Psalms in Present-Day Apologetics
     Professor Jesse Johnson (page 404)
     The Rev. M. G. Kyle (page 412)
Psalm Versification
     The Rev. W. E. McCulloch (page 420)
     The Rev. J. C. K. Milligan (page 428)
The Musical Interpretation of the Psalms
     The Rev. Charles F. Wishart (page 436)
     The Rev. william H. Fulton (page 443)
Objections to the Exclusive Use of the Psalms in Worship
     Professor James A. Grier (page 452)
     President J. Knox Montgomery (page 464)
Specimens of Eulogies on the Psalms
     The Rev. T. H. Hanna, Jr. (page 481)
     The Rev. Robert Lamont Hay (page 491)
The Psalms in History
     The Rev. George W. Robinson (page 499)
     President T. H. McMichael (page 518)
The Status and Outlook of the Cause of Psalmody
     The Rev. S. E. Martin (page 527)
     The Rev. R. G. Ferguson (page 545)

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