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Friday, August 14, 2015

Asahel Nettleton  1783-1844

Asahel Nettleton (April 21, 1783 – May 16, 1844) was an American theologian and pastor from Connecticut who was highly influential during the Second Great Awakening. The number of people converted to Christianity as a result of his ministry was estimated by one biographer at 30,000.  He participated in the New Lebanon Conference in 1827, during which he and Lyman Beecher opposed the teachings of Charles Grandison Finney.

 Asahel Nettleton resources at the Internet Archive:

Memoir of the Life and Character of Rev. Asahel Nettleton, D.D. - 1845 (2nd Edition) - by Tyler, Bennet 1783-1858

Remains of the Late Rev. Asahel Nettleton, D.D. consisting of sermons, outlines and plans of sermons, brief observations on texts of scripture, and miscellaneous remarks. Compiles and prepared for the press, by Bennet Tyler, D.D. - 1845

Village Hymns for Social Worship.  Selected and Original.  Designed as A Supplement to the Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts - 1836
1824 Edition
1827 Edition
1840 Edition 
1852 Edition 

Audio files of the life and sermons of Asahel Nettleton

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