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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

James M. (McLeod) Willson  1809-1866

Son of James R. Willson, born near Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, November 17, 1809. He graduated from Union College in 1829.  He studied theology under the direction of his father, and was licensed by the Presbytery, June 5, 1834.  He was ordained by the same Presbytery, and installed pastor of the First congregation of Philadelphia, November 27, 1834.  He was elected Professor of Theology in the Allegheny Seminary, May 31, 1859.  He authored numerous pamphlets and books expounding Covenanter principles.  He died at his residence in Allegheny, August 31, 1866.
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  • The Deacon: An Inquiry into the Nature, Duties and Exercise of the Office of Deacon, in the Christian Church. - 1841 -  At Internet Archive
  • Bible Magistracy: or Christ's Dominion Over the Nations: With an Examination of the Civil Institutions of the United States. - 1842 - At Internet Archive   At Google Books
  • An Essay on Submission to the Powers that Be. - 1850 - At Google Books (page 101)
  • Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans XIII. 1-7. - 1853 - At Internet Archive  Digital Transcription at The Reformed Layman   At Google Books
  • Argumentative Testimony - 1855
  •  Social Religious Covenanting - 1856
  • Witnessing: or the Distinct Denomination Position of the Reformed Presbyterian Church Right and Necessary. - 1861    See the brief review in The Evangelical Repository (United Presbyterian Church of North America) - Vol. XIX, No. 11 - April, 1861

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