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Monday, July 28, 2014

John Downame (Downham)  1571-1652

John Downame (Downham) (1571–1652) was an English clergyman and theologian in London, who came to prominence in the 1640s, when he worked closely with the Westminster Assembly. He is now remembered for his writings.,_John_(DNB00)

Published Thomas Sutton's Lectures upon the Eleventh Chapter to Romans, London, 1632

Edited George Downame's Treatise of Prayer, London, 1647

Edited third edition of J. Heydon's Mans Badnes and Gods Goodnes, London, 1647

Edited Archbishop James Ussher's Body of Divinitie, (attributed), London, 1647 (1702 edition)

May have served as the chief editor and compiler for Annotations upon all the Books of the Old and New Testament, London 1645 (later known as The (Westminster) Assembly's Annotations or The English Annotations.

His own writings:

  • Spiritual Physick to Cure the Diseases of the Soul, arising from Superfluitie of Choller, prescribed out of God's Word, London, 1600.
  • Lecture on the First Four Chapters of Hosea, London, 1608.
  • The Christian Warfare, 4 parts, London, 1609-18. This is his best-known work, and reached a fourth edition, 4 parts, fol. London, 1634, 33.
  • Foure Treatises tending to disswade all Christians from the Abuses of Swearing, Drunkennesse, Whoredome, and Bribery, . . . Whereunto is annexed a Treatise of Anger, 2 parts, London, 1613.
  • The Plea of the Poore. Or a Treatise of Beneficence and Almes-deeds: teaching how these Christian duties are rightly to be performed, London, 1616.
  • Guide to Godliness, or a Treatise of a Christian Life, London, 1622.
  • The Summe of Sacred Divinitie Briefly and Methodically Propounded, . . . more largely and cleerly handled, London (1630?).
  • A Brief Concordance to the Bible, . . . alphabetically digested, and allowed by authority to be printed and bound with the Bible in all volumes,London, 1631. Ten editions were published during the author's lifetime. (1631 Edition, 1773 edition1774 edition)
  • A Treatise against Lying, London, 1636.
  • A Treatise tending to direct the Weak Christian how he may rightly Celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, London, 1645.

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