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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Matthew Poole Commentary - Who wrote it?

Matthew Poole (1624-1679) is known as the author of Annotations Upon the Holy Bible.  But some may not know that Poole completed only Genesis through the 58th chapter of Isaiah.  His death prevented his going farther.  This work several others (Nonconformist brethren)undertook to complete, namely, the 59th and 60th chapters of Isaiah, Mr. Jackson of Moulsey; the notes on the rest of Isaiah and on Jeremiah and Lamentations, Dr. Collinges; Ezekiel, Mr. Hurst; Daniel, Mr. Cooper, Minor Prophets, Mr. Hurst; the four Evangelists, Dr. Collinges; Acts, Mr. Vinke; Romans, Mr. Mayo; 1 and 2 Corinthians and Galatians, Dr. Collinges; Ephesians, Mr. Veal, Philippians and Colossians, Mr. Adams; 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Mr. Barker; Timothy, Titus, and philemon, Dr. Collinges; Hebrews, Mr. Ob. Hughes; James, Peter, Jued, Mr. Veal; three Epistles of John, Mr. Howe; Revelation, Dr. Collinges.

See page 135 of Edmund Calamy's "The Nonconformists Memorial: Being An Account of the Ministers Who Were Ejected Or Silenced After the Restoration, etc." - 1775
This work was published in 2 folio volumes in 1683.  It has been subsequently published as Matthew Poole's Commentary on the Holy Bible in 3 volumes.

C. H. Spurgeon said of Poole's commentary: "If I must have only one commentary, and had read Matthew Henry as I have, I do not know but what I should choose Poole. He is a very prudent and judicious commentator... not so pithy and witty by far as Matthew Henry, but he is perhaps more accurate, less a commentator, and more an expositor." [1]
Adapted in part from 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica

Poole’s “Annotations” — Annotations Upon the Holy Bible, Wherein the Sacred Text is Inserted, and Various Readings Annex'd … by the Late Reverend and Learned Divine Mr. Matthew Poole (London: Parkhurst, 1700): 

This is the Fourth Edition

VOLUME 1 (Genesis-Isaiah);

     Mr. Poole (Genesis - Isaiah 58)
     Mr. Jackson of Moulsey (Isaiah 59-60)
     Dr. Collinges (Rest of Isaiah - chapters 61-66)

VOLUME 2 (Jeremiah-Revelation).

     Dr. Collinges (Jeremiah and Lamentations)
     Mr. Hurst (Ezekiel)
     Mr. Cooper (Daniel)
     Mr. Hurst (Minor Prophets)
     Dr. Collinges (The Four Evangelists)
     Mr. Vinke (Acts)
     Mr. Mayo (Romans)
     Dr. Collinges (1 & 2 Corinthians and Galatians)
     Mr. Veal (Ephesians)
     Mr. Adams (Philippians and Colossians)
     Mr. Barker (1 & 2 Thessalonians)
     Dr. Collinges (Timothy, Titus, and Philemon)
     Mr. Ob. Hughes (Hebrews)
     Mr. Veal (James, Peter, Jude)
     Mr. Howe (Three Epistles of John)
     Dr. Collinges (Revelation) 

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