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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Zechariah Merrell d. 1732

Zechariah Merrell  d. 1732

Finished Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Peter

Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Peter by Zechariah Merrell (incorrectly listed as Mr. Z. Marriot)

Zechariah (Zachary, Zechary) Merrell (Merrill) was a dissenting, non-conformist minister, sometime minister of the gospel at Hampstead.. 

From Wilson's "Dissenting Churches", vol. ii, page 497.  Rev. Zechariah Merrell, preacher at Hampstead, after his decease, was succeeded about the year 1732 by John Partington.

From -- Zechariah Merrell, who was minister in the reign of Queen Anne, wrote the exposition of the First Epistle of Peter, in continuation of Matthew Henry's "Commentary." He died in 1732.

A sermon preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in the cities of London and Westminster, June 27, 1709 .. - Merrell, Zachary

Zachary Merrell is listed as a trustee from 1715-1732 on page 132 of "A Short Account of the Charity & Library Established under the Will of the late Rev. Daniel William, DD." (1917)

Sermons Delivered at Hampstead at the Closing of the Old Chapel and the Opening of the New, Sunday, June 1st, and Thursday, June 5th, 1862  (Memories and Hopes [on Ps. xlii. 4, by T. Sadler]; Worship in the Spirit [by James Martineau])
The appendix to T. Sadler's sermons contains two brief mentions of Mr. Merrell as minister at Hampstead (Appendix, Page 18). "The next minister (at the Presbyterian Meeting at Hampstead after Thomas Woodcock) was Mr. Zechariah Merrell, who also continued to preach at Hampstead for many years.  In addition to his work already mention, the /Exposition of the First Epistle of St. Peter,' he published several single sermons.  He was a man od distinguished ability and piety and was among the first trustees under the will of Dr. Daniel Williams, dated June 26th, 1711.  About two years before the death of Mr. Merrell, which occurred in 1732, Mr. John Partington took charge of the congregation." (see also here)

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