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Sunday, October 6, 2013

David Douglas Bannerman  1842-1903

 Minister of the Free Church of Scotland

Born in Ormiston, Midlothian, David Bannerman was the eldest son of the Rev James Patrick Bannerman and the grandson of David Douglas, Lord Reston, the heir of the political economist and author of "The Wealth of Nations", Adam Smith. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh and New College, Edinburgh and was ordained at Dalkeith in 1869. For most of his life he was minister of St Leonard's Free Church of Scotland, Perth where he died and where he is buried.
During the period 1884-1894 Dr. Bannerman presented to the Library of New College, Edinburgh about one-third of Adam Smith's personal library. This included a first edition of "An Inquiry into the Principles of Political OEconomy", by Sir James Steuart Denham of Coltness (2 volumes, London, 1767) whose manuscripts, including that of the Inquiry, were gifted to the University Library in 1988 by Mrs. Katherine Fyfe, whose ancestors had inherited them on the death in 1839 of Lieutenant-General Sir James Steuart Denham of Coltness and Westshields .

In 1972 these books were transferred from New College Library to the Main Library, where they joined a further 32 volumes from Adam Smith's library among the library of Professor W. B. Hodgson.
Portrait and biographical information by kind permission of Mrs. Anne Fisher (née Bannerman)


The Scripture Doctrine of the Church : Historically and Exegetically Considered (1887) 
Rev. D. Douglas Bannerman

Critical and Exegetical Hand-book to the Epistles to the Corinthians (1884)
Meyer, Heinrich August Wilhelm, 1800-1873
Translated from the 5th Edition of the German by Rev. D. Douglas Bannerman

Grounds and methods of admission to sealing ordinances : or, Who should be received to the Lord's table? Whose children should be baptised? How should we receive young communicants? - 1882 Rev. D. D. Bannerman

Fast Days and Christian Festivals (72 pages) - David Douglas Bannerman 
Publisher: A. Elliot, 1889

The Worship of the Presbyterian Church: With Special Reference to the Question of Liturgies - 1884 - David Douglas Bannerman

Worship, Order, and Polity of the Presbyterian - 1894 - David Douglas Bannerman; A. Elliot (Publisher)

Presbyterianism and the Reformed Church Catholic; Being ... Lectures to Young Men and Women, Etc. - 1894 - David Douglas Bannerman

Christian Science - David Douglas Bannerman

Difficulties about Baptism: A Handbook on Reformed Doctrine and Practice (86 pages) - 1898 - David Douglas Bannerman; Presbyterian Fellowship (Publisher)

The Present Position of the Case of Prof. Robertson Smith: A Speech Delivered in the Free Presbytery of Perth, March 30, 1881 (32 pages) - David Douglas Bannerman; Andrew Elliot (Publisher)

Report of Sub-Committee (Section A) on Practice as to Creeds and Creed Subscription in the Reformed Or Presbyterian Churches (28 pages) - Free Church of Scotland. Committee on Confession of Faith, David Douglas Bannerman

The Shorter Catechism of 1647 and the Free Church Catechism of 1898. A Sketch and an Appreciation - 1899 - David Douglas Bannerman

The Church of Christ: a Treatise on the Nature, Powers, Ordinances, Discipline, and Government of the Christian Church. By the Late J. Bannerman. Edited by His Son (D.D. Bannerman) - 1868

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