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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dickey, Ebenezer 1772-1831

DICKEY, Ebenezer, clergyman, born near Oxford, Pennsylvania, 12 March 1772; died in Oxford, Pennsylvania, 31 May 1831. He was graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1792, was settled over the Churches of Oxford and Octorara, and remained pastor of the Oxford Church till his death. In 1822, with Dr. George Junkin and most of the associate Reformed clergy and their Churches, he entered the Presbyterian connection. Princeton gave him the degree of D. D. in 1823. He published a "Tract to Parents," a pamphlet entitled "Plea for Christian Communion," and wrote for the "Christian Advocate" a series of letters on "Travels in Europe for Health in 1820" that were widely read.
His son, John Miller, born in Oxford, Pennsylvania, 15 December 1806; died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 21 March 1878, was graduated at Dickinson College in 1824, and at Princeton theological seminary in 1827. In 1828 he was employed in missionary labor in northeastern Pennsylvania, and the following year in Florida and southern Georgia. In 1830 he was installed pastor at Newcastle, Del., and after his father's death assumed charge of the Church at Oxford, Pennsylvania, and that of Upper West Nottingham. He conducted the Oxford female seminary for fifteen years in addition to his pastoral duties. In 1856 he resigned his pastorate. He took the principal part in establishing the Ashmun institute (afterward Lincoln University) at Oxford, and was president of the board of trustees from 1854 till his death. He was also a director of Princeton theological seminary, and president of the board in 1858'78.

The Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Dickey (March 12, 1773 - May 31, 1831) The Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Dickey was born near Oxford, Chester County, Pa., March 12, 1773. He graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1792. He became pastor of Oxford and Octorara churches by the Associate Reformed Presbytery, but in May, 1822, came into connection with the General Assembly. He remained pastor of Octorara till 1800 and of Oxford until his death on May 31, 1831. He was married to Jane Miller, and they had one son, the Rev. John Miller Dickey, D.D. (1806-1878). He published little, only a tract, an essay and "Travels," in the Christian Advocate.

Oxford Presbyterian Church History:

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 4 - 1860 (page 133)

Title: Letters on Christian communion,: addressed to the members of the Associate Reformed, the Associate & the Reformed Churches: Contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.
Authors: Ebenezer Dickey, Reformed Presbyterian Church, Associate Synod of North America
Publisher: Printed by John Bioren, no 99, So. Second Street., 1824
Length: 28 pages

Tracts of the American Tract Society : general series (Volume 6) - American Tract SocietyFrom the library of William Henry Green
211. To Parents - 16 pages

Title: To parents
Authors: Ebenezer Dickey, American Tract Society, Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Publisher: American Tract Society, 183?
Length: 16 pages

Travels in Europe for Health in 1820. By an American Clergyman, of the Synod of Philadelphia: The Christian Advocate, Volume 3
Page 19, Page 73, Page 112, Page 160, Page 206, Page 246, Page 346, Page 393, Page 445, Page 497, Page 547
Travels in Europe for Health in 1820. By an American Clergyman, of the Synod of Philadelphia: The Christian Advocate, Volume 4
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Travels in Europe for Health in 1920. By an American Clergyman, of the Synod of Philadelphia: The Christian Advocate, Volume 5
Page 65, Page 153, Page 211, Page 353, Page 401

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