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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Muir, James 1757-1820

James Muir was a Scottish Presbyterian minister. He trained in Scotland and London. He was licensed to preach in London in 1779. For some time he engaged in teaching a school in London, and preaching as an assistant to Dr. Hunter. In 1781 he was ordained as an evangelist at the Scots Church in London, with reference to his acceptance of a call from a company chiefly of Scotch Presbyterians, in the Island of Bermuda. He resided at Bermuda, as the Principal of an Academy, and as the acting Pastor of a Church until 1788. He then moved to New York where he preached, for several months. In the spring of 1789, he accepted a call to the Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, where he continued during the rest of his ministry and life.

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 (page 516)

MUIR, James, clergyman, born in Cumnock, Scotland, 12 April, 1757; died in Alexandria, Virginia, 8 August, 1820. He was graduated at the University of Glasgow in 1776, studied theology at Edinburgh, and was licensed as a dissenting minister in London in 1779, after which he taught. In 1781 he was ordained an evangelist at the Scots church in London, and accepted a call from a company of Scotch Presbyterians in Bermuda, where he remained for eight years, acting also as principal of an academy. In 1788 he came to New York, and in 1789 he was called to the Presbyterian church of Alexandria, Virginia, which charge he held until his death. In 1791 he received the degree of D. D. from Yale. Dr. Muir was the author of "An Examination of the Principles contained in the 'Age of Reason ': In Ten Discourses " (1795) and a volume of ten sermons preached on special occasions (1812).--

His son, Samuel C., physician, born in the District of Columbia about 1785 ; died about 1832, was educated at. Edinburgh, and joined the United States army as a surgeon on 7 April, 1813, but resigned his commission, 1 April, 1818, married the daughter of a chief of the Sac or Fox Indians, and was regarded as one of the greatest men of the nation. About three years before his death he practised medicine in Galena, Illinois, and during the Black Hawk war he volunteered to stay the ravages of a cholera epidemic in the army, but, after saving many soldiers, fell a victim to the disease.

Ten Sermons by James Muir, 1757-1820
Published by Alexandria: Printed by Cottom and Steward, 1812
Sermon 1: The Signs of the Times (Matthew 16:1-3)
Sermon 2: Repentance, or Richmond in Tears (Luke 13:5)
Sermon 3: Felix Trembling (Acts 24:25)
Sermon 4: God's Claim Upon the Young (Malachi 1:6)
Sermon 5: Religion Recommended to Youth from the Infirmities Attending Old Age (Ecclesiastes 12:1-7)
Sermon 6: The Operations of the Spirit, The Seal of Heaven to the Truth of Christianity (Acts 1:5)
Sermon 7: A Covenant, Securing to Men Temporal and Spiritual Blessings (Isaiah 54:7-10)
Sermon 8: The Christian Character (Acts 11:26)
Sermon 9: Life and Immortality (2 Timothy 1:10)
Sermon 10: On Irresolution (Hosea 6:4)
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