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Friday, March 26, 2010

Campbell, John Poage 1767-1814

CAMPBELL, John Poage, clergyman, born in Augusta County, Virginia, in 1767; died near Chillicothe, Ohio, 4 November, 1814. He removed to Kentucky with his father in 1781. After receiving a good education, he became, when nineteen years old, preceptor of an academy at Williamsburg, N. C. Here he adopted atheistic views, but was converted by reading Jenyns's "Treatise on the Internal Evidence of Christianity," and, giving up the study of medicine, in which he had engaged, resolved to become a clergyman. He was graduated at Hampden-Sidney in 1790, was licensed to preach in May, 1792, and settled in Kentucky in 1795, preaching in various places. In 1811 he was chaplain to the legislature. As his salary was insufficient for the support of his family, he was obliged to practice medicine. His death resulted from exposure while he was preaching. Dr. Campbell was a graceful preacher and an accomplished scholar. He published "The Passenger" (1804); "Strictures on Stone's Letters on the Atonement" (1805); "Vindex" (1806); "Letters to the Rev. Mr. Craighead" (1810); "The Pelagian Detected" (1811); "An Answer to Jones" (1812); and many sermons. He left a manuscript history of the western country.

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 ( page 626)

Strictures, on Two Letters, Published by Barton W. Stone, Entitled Atonement - 1805 By John P. Campbell

Remarks on a Letter of Mr. David Jones Addressed to the Author on Occasion of His Sermon on Christian Baptism : To Which is Added a Review of Mr. Robinson's History of Baptism - 1812 Campbell, John P. (John Poage), 1767-1814

History of the Presbyterian Church in the state of Kentucky: with a Preliminary Sketch of the Churches in the Valley of Virginia - For entry on John Poage Campbell see Page 111
Robert Davidson - 1847 - 371 pages

The Rev. John Poage Campbell, M.D. (1767 - Nov. 4, 1814) The Rev. Dr. John Poage Campbell was born in Augusta County, Va., in 1767 and moved with his father, Mr. Robert Campbell, to Kentucky when he was fourteen years old. His father was an elder in Smyrna Church and lived in Mason County. He was graduated at Hampden-Sydney in 1780, studied theology with Mr. Graham and with Dr. Moses Hoge of Shepherdstown, Va., and was licensed to preach the gospel in 1792. In July 1793 he was installed collegiate pastor with Mr. Graham, his preceptor, in the congregations of Oxford, New Monmouth, Lexington and Timber Ridge, Va. In 1795 he came to Kentucky and preached first to the churches of Smyrna and Flemingsburgh. He afterwards preached in various places, among which were Danville, Nicholasville, Cherry Spring, Versailles, and Lexington. He had also studied medicine and was successful in its practice, but only engaged in this because his salary as a preacher was not sufficient to support him. In April 1801 he resigned a call that he had accepted from Union. He attended the first meeting of the Synod of Kentucky in 1802. He was dismissed to the Presbytery of Transylvania in 1804 and moved to Danville. In 1805-6, by direction of the General Assembly, he traveled through Northern Kentucky, with a view to regulate disorders and revive the spirits of desponding flocks and prevent so far as possible the people from accepting the errors pressed upon them by the New Light preachers. In April 1814 he was received into the Presbytery of Washington/Chillicothe, on a certificate from the Presbytery of West Lexington. In the autumn of 1813 he had moved to Chillicothe and was engaged in the preparation of a work to be called "Western Antiquities," but died, November 4, 1814. Davidson says that "Nassau Hall [ed. Note: the College of New Jersey, lataeer Princeton] was about to confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity, when death prevented the intended honor." He published a number of articles, mostly controversial. (From the Rev. R.C. Galbraith's History of the Chillicothe Presbytery 1799-1889, Chillicothe: 1889)

The Works of Soame Jenyns, Esq. In Four Volumes. Including Several Pieces Never Before Published. To Which are Prefixed, Short Sketches of the History of the Author's Family. And Also of His Life; by Charles Nalson Cole, Esq. - Volume 4 (1790).
Volume 4 consists of "A View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion."
This is the work that was instrumental in the conversion of John Poage Campbell.
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