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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blackburn, Gideon 1772-1838

BLACKBURN, Gideon, clergyman, born in Angusta County, Virginia, 27 August 1772 ; died in Carlinville, Illinois, 23 August 1838. He was educated at Martin academy, Washington County, Tennessee, licensed to preach by Abingdon presbytery in 1795, and settled many years at Marysville, Tennessee. He was minister of Franklin. Tennessee, in 1811-'3, and of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1823-'7. He passed the last forty years of his life in the western states, in preaching, organizing Churches, and, from 1803 to 1809, during a part of each year, in his mission to the Cherokees, establishing a school at Hywassee. He established a school in Tennessee in 1806, and from 1827 till 1830 was president of Center College, Kentucky.

Gideon Blackburn (August 27, 1772 – August 23, 1838) was an American Presbyterian clergyman, educator and missionary to Cherokee and Creek nations, and college president. He raised funds for new colleges and founded numerous congregations and churches in areas of new western settlement in Tennessee and Kentucky.

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PUBLISHED SERMON by Gideon Blackburn
Title: A sermon on the duty of the church to prepare in her bosom pious youth for the Gospel ministry
Author: Gideon Blackburn
Publisher: Cooney and Russell, 1825
Length: 20 pages

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