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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zinzendorf, Nicolaus Ludwig 1700-1760

Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf und Pottendorf, Imperial Count of Zinzendorf and Pottendorf, (May 26, 1700May 9, 1760), German religious and social reformer and bishop of the Moravian Church, was born at Dresden.

The life of Nicholas Lewis, Count Zinzendorf, Bishop and Ordinary of the Church of the United (or Moravian) Brethren - 1838 - Spangenberg, August Gottlieb, 1704-1792

Great men of the Christian church 1908 - Walker, Williston, 1860-1922
Justin Martyr.--Tertullian.--Athanasius.--Augustine.--Patrick.--Benedict.--Hildebrand.--Godfrey.--Francis.--Thomas Aquinas.--John Wiclif.--Martin Luther.--John Calvin.--John Knox.--Ignatius Loyola.--George Fox.--Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf.--John Wesley.--Jonathan Edwards.--Horace Bushnell

The Evangelical succession : a course of lectures delivered in St. George's Free Church (1883)
Calvin / Professor Candlish -- Knox / R.W. Barbour -- Henderson / G. Webster Thomson -- Rutherfurd / Alex. Taylor Innes -- Leighton / Professor Blaikie -- Baxter / James Stalker -- Zinzendorf / Professor Binnie

Memorials of the Moravian Church, Volume 1 by William Cornelius Reichel, Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf (Graf von), John Martin Mack, Moravian Book Associations - 1870

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