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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Patillo, Henry 1726-1801

PATILLO, Henry, clergyman, born in Scotland in 1726; died in Dinwiddie county, Virginia, in 1801. He emigrated to this country at nine years of age, settled in Virginia, and became a merchant's clerk. He subsequently studied for the ministry, was ordained in 1758, and then removed to North Carolina, where he was in charge of Presbyterian churches until his death. He was active in pre-Revolutionary movements, a member of the North Carolina Provincial congress in 1775, was chaplain to that body, and chairman of the committee of the whole. He also taught for many years, and was an excellent classical scholar. His ministry was especially successful among the negroes. Hampden Sidney gave him the degree of A. M. in 1787. He published in that year a small collection of sermons, edited an abridged edition of John Leland's " Deistical Writers," and left in manuscript a catechism, several essays, and a geography. (From Famous Americans Web Site)

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 (see page 196)

Writings of Henry Patillo:

In 1787, Mr. Patillo published
a small volume containing three Sermons -- namely,
--on Divisions among Christians;
--on the Necessity of Regeneration; and
--on the Scripture doctrine of Election.
A note appended to one of these Discourses broached the same doctrine concerning Christ's human nature, of which Edward Irving has since been so distinguished an exponent.

At a later period, he published an
--Abridgment of Leland's Deistical writers, and a
--Sermon on the death of Washington.

He also left in manuscript some Essays on Baptism, and on Universalism;
a Catechism of doctrine for youth, and
a Catechism or Compend in question and answer for the use of adults.

He also prepared a Geography for youth, which is said to have possessed very considerable merit.
[From "Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 (pages 197 and 198)]

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