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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fraser, James (of Brea) 1639-1699
BASS ROCK (see picture)

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 7 - 1908 (see page 647)
Treasury of the Scottish Covenant (see page 366) by John C. Johnston - 1887 - 672 pages
The Covenanters in Moray and Ross (see page 227) by Murdoch MacDonald - 1892 - 226 pages
A treatise concerning justifying or saving faith: wherein the nature of faith is large handled; ... By ... James Fraser ... Written by him while he was prison in the Bass, 1679 ... (part 1, 1722, 281 pages)
A treatise on justifying faith: Wherein is opened the grounds of believing, or the sinner's sufficient warrant to take hold of what is offered in the evelasting [sic] Gospel. Together with an appendix ... Written by that eminent and learned ... Mr. James Fraser ... (part 2, 1749, 351 pages)
Memoirs of the Life of the Very Reverend Mr. James Fraser, of Brea, Minister of the Gospel at Culross. Written by Himself , Edinburgh, 1738, 392 pages
The Lawfulness and Duty of Separation from Corrupt Ministers and Churches Explained and Vindicated, Edinburgh, 1744, 217 pages
Defence of the Convention of Estates, 1680
Prelacy an Idol: and Prelates Idolaters: all prelatists, maintainers of, and complyers with prelacy, charg'd with idolatry, and proven guilty, in a sermon, preached Mr. James Fraser 1713 (18 pages)

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