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Friday, December 11, 2009

Chauncy, Charles 1592-1672

Charles Chauncy (November 5, 1592 – February 19, 1672) was an Anglo-American clergyman and educator.

Ten New England leaders‎ - Page 267 William Bradford, John Cotton, Richard Mather, John
Eliot, Increase Mather, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Chauncy, Samuel Hopkins, Leonard Woods, Leonard Bacon - Religion - 1901 - 471 pages

Memorials of the Chaunceys, including President Chauncy, his ancestors and descendants [and appendix] 1858 - Fowler, William Chauncey, 1793-1881

Charles Chauncy: President of Harvard at Harvard University web site

Sketches of President Chauncy:

W. C. Fowler, in New England Historical and Genealogical Register, x., pp. 105-120, 251-262

Mather, Magnalia, i., pp. 463-476, 1853-55

Besides a number of sermons, Chauncy published

The Doctrine of the Sacrament, with the Right Use Thereof (1642);

The Plain Doctrine of the Justification of a Sinner in the Sight of God (1659), a collection of 26 sermons; and

Antisynodalia Scripta Americana (1662). -- This is a treatise against the half-way covenant, recommended by the last synod. He fears that their result will prove an apple of discord. He learnedly, kindly and ably discusses the subject in behalf of himself and others, who were a minority of that body.

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