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Monday, December 14, 2009

Blair, Samuel 1712-1751

BLAIR, Samuel, clergyman, born in Ulster, Ireland, 14 June 1712; died 5 July 1751. He came, while young, to Pennsylvania, and received his education at William Tennant's "Log College," in Neshaminy, Pennsylvania. He was licensed to preach by the Philadelphia presbytery on 9 November 1733, and in September 1734, accepted a call to Middletown and Shrewsbury, New Jersey. He was one of the original members of New Brunswick presbytery, formed in 1738, and in November 1739, took charge of the Church at New Londonderry, or Fagg's Manor, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Shortly after his settlement there he established a seminary, at which young men were educated, some of whom were afterward prominent in the Presbyterian Church, among them Rev. Samuel Davies and Rev. John Rodgers. In the controversy about revivals, which followed the visit of Whitefield to this country, and which finally divided the Presbyterian Church, Mr. Blair sided with the so-called "New Side." His principal writings were collected by his brother John (Philadelphia, 1754), with an elegy by Samuel Davies, and Dr. Finley's funeral sermon. This volume contains an elaborate treatise on "Predestination and Reprobation."

Annals of the American Pulpit, Volume 3 - 1860 (see page 62)

From a Letter from MR. SAMUEL BLAIR, Minister at New Londonderry, to MR. PRINCE, Minister at Boston, August 6th, 1744, in PRINCE'S CHRISTIAN HISTORY, No. 83.

Sermons and Essays by the Tennents and Their Contemporaries (1856) by Gilbert Tennent
Chapter V: Treatise on the Doctrine of Predestination by the Rev. Samuel Blair (see page 99)

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