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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wynell, Thomas b. 1599/1600

Thomas Wynell was a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the parish church of Cranham, near the City of Gloucester, in Gloucester-shire.
The covenants plea for infants, or, The covenant of free grace pleading the divine right of Christian infants unto the seal of holy baptisme : against the rusticke sophistry and wicked cavillations of sacrilegious Anabaptists : being the summe of certaine sermons had in the parish-church of Cranham neere the city of Gloucester in Gloucester-shire with the exceptions of certaine Anabaptists against the foresaid sermons and the authors answers thereunto : very seasonable for weake consciences in these unsettled times of schisme and apostacie / by Thomas Wynell - 1642

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