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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Willard, Samuel

Reverend Samuel Willard (January 31, 1640-September 12, 1707) was a Colonial clergyman. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts; graduated at Harvard in 1659; and was minister at Groton from 1663 to 1676, whence he was driven by the Indians during King Philip's War. The Reverend Willard was pastor of the Third Church, Boston, from 1678 until his death. He strenuously opposed the witchcraft trials, and served as acting president of Harvard from 1701. The Reverend Willard published many sermons; a folio volume entitled A Compleat Body of Divinity was published posthumously in 1726.

Samuel Willard page at A Puritan's Mind

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Willard (Puritan Sermons Web Site)

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 5 (1998) By Hughes Oliphant Old (see page 223-244)

Samuel Willard, The Character of a Good Ruler (1694)

Groton in the witchcraft times (1883) By Samuel Abbott Green, Samuel Willard
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Some Miscellany Observations On our present Debates respecting Witchcrafts, in a Dialogue Between S. & B. - 1692 - (by Samuel Willard, Philip English, John Alden)

A compleat body of divinity in two hundred and fifty expository lectures on the assembly's shorter catechism : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are unfolded, their truth confirm'd, their excellence display'd, their usefulness improv'd, contrary errors & vices refuted & expos'd, objections answer'd, controversies settled, cases of conscience resolv'd; and a great light thereby reflected on the present age - 1726 - Willard, Samuel 1640-1707
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"A briefe account of a strange & unusuall Providence of God befallen to Elizabeth Knap of Groton" in Samuel A. Green, ed., Groton In The Witchcraft Times, Groton, MA: [s.n.] 1883

Some Brief Sacramental Meditations Preparatory for Communion at the Great Ordinance of the Supper (1743) By Samuel Willard, Ebenezer Pemberton
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Index to Writings of Samuel Willard (on line Fire and Ice Web Site)
They consist of numerous sermons from "A Compleat Body of Divinity"

The duty of a people that have renewed their covenant with God. Opened and urged in a sermon preached to the Second Church in Boston in New-England, March 17. 1679.[/]80. after that church had explicitly and most solemnly renewed the ingagement of themselves to God, and one to another. / By Samuel Willard, teacher of a church in Boston in New-England. ; [Six lines of Scripture texts] - 1680 (At University of Oxford Text Archive - html - ePub - View entire text)

The Doctrine of the Covenant of Redemption. Wherein is laid the Foundation of all our Hopes and Happiness.  Briefly Opened and Improved.  By Samuel Willard, Teacher of a Church in Boston. - 1693 (To The READER: Increase Mather)

Ne sutor ultra crepidam. Or Brief animadversions upon the New-England Anabaptists late fallacious narrative; wherein the notorious mistakes and falshoods by them published, are detected. / By Samuel Willard teacher of a church in Boston in New-England. ; [Eight lines of Scripture texts]Willard, Samuel, 1640-1707., Mather, Increase, 1639-1723.Boston in New-England,: Printed by S. Green, upon assignment of S. Sewall. And are to be sold by Sam. Philips, at the west end of the Exchange:, 1681.

“Mourner’s Cordial against Excessive Sorrow,” (1691)

“A Sermon occasioned by the Death of John Leverett, Governor of Massachusetts” (Boston, 1679)

“Peril of the Times displayed,” (1700).

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