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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whately, William 1583-1639

William Whately was a puritan preacher and Church of England clergyman.

William Whately, English Puritan (May 21, 1583 -- May 10, 1639) was a noted early 17th century divine. He wrote A bride-bush: or, A direction for married persons. Plainely describing the duties common to both, and peculiar to each of them. By performing of which, marriage shall prooue a great helpe to such, as now for want of performing them, doe find it a little hell. (1619); A care-cloth : or, The cumbers and troubles of marriage (1624); The nevv birth or, a tratise [sic] of regeneration delivered in certaine sermons (1628); The poore mans advocate, or, A treatise of liberality to the needy. (1637); The oyle of gladnesse. Or, Comfort for dejected sinners (1637); Gods hvsbandry. tending to shew the difference betwixt the hypocrite and the true-hearted Christian (1619); and other works. He debated with John Cotton publically concerning the time the Lord's Day begins (Cotton held to a Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown position; Whately held to a midnight-to-midnight Lord's Day position). His biography was written by Henry Scudder. He is said to have been an avid reader but owned few books, because he had access to a good bookstore in Banbury. (

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The Redemption of Time, London, 1606. 12mo.
A Caveat for the Covetous, London, 1609, 12mo.
The New Birth, London, 1618, 4to; 2nd edit. 1622, 4to.
God's Husbandry, London, 1622, 8vo; republished London, 1846, 12mo.
A Pithie, Short, and Methodicall opening of the Ten Commandements, London, 1622, 8vo.
Mortification, London, 1623, 4to.
Charitable Teares, London, 1623, 4to
A Care-Cloth; or a Treatise of the Cumbers and Troubles of Marriage, London, 1624.
Sinne no more, London, 1628, 4to (a rare sermon, preached upon the occasion of a fire which on Sunday, 2 March 1628, destroyed almost the whole of Banbury town).
The Poore Man's Advocate, London, 1637, 8vo.
The Oyle of Gladness, or Comfort for Dejected Sinners, London, 1637, 8vo.
Prototypes (posthumous), London, 1640, fol.; 2nd edit. 1647, fol.
Sermons (posthumous)
Sinne No More, or A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of Banbury on Tuesday the fourth of March last past, upon occasion of a most terrible fire ... (2 Peter 3:14) [1824 reprint of 1628/30]
With Extracts from Henry Scudder's "Life and Death of Mr. William Whately".
Read Online PDF Download

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